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    15 Embarrassing Edits Made To Politicians' Wikipedia Pages By People In Parliament

    People on the parliamentary network are busy editing the encyclopaedia to make MPs and peers look better.

    People in parliament are editing politicians' Wikipedia pages to remove awkward information and add positive PR.

    Parliament uses two IP addresses to connect to the internet, which means you can check out which Wikipedia edits have been made by people within the Palace of Westminster.

    It's against Wikipedia's rules to edit with an obvious conflict of interest but- more than anything – editing the page of someone you're associated with comes across as a little desperate.

    There's no way of knowing who is actually making the edits from parliament's internet connection given politicians, researchers and visitors all have access. But whoever made them, most of these edits are pretty convenient for politicians.

    These edits have been made within the last eighteen months:

    1. Someone in parliament removed an embarrassing reference to Richard Ottaway MP buying a bed from Harrods at the taxpayer's expense.

    2. Someone in parliament removed references to political funding received by Stewart Jackson MP.

    3. Someone in parliament added claims about Mark Pritchard MP's divorce to his Wikipedia page.

    4. Someone in parliament added more claims about Mark Pritchard's divorce to Wikipedia.

    5. In fact, someone in parliament added quite a lot of information about Mark Pritchard's divorce.

    6. Someone in parliament removed mentions of Baroness Rawlings' role in the proposed sale of a central London site earmarked for hospital use.

    7. Someone in parliament added quite a lot of fluffy information on how Mike Weir MP stands up for people.

    8. Someone in parliament removed a section entitled "controversy" from the page of Labour's shadow health secretary Andy Burnham.

    9. Someone in parliament deleted details of a youth history prize from the page of Kwasi Kwarteng MP.

    10. Someone in parliament took the time to really big up Steve Rotheram MP's football skills.

    11. Someone in parliament removed the fact that Anne Main MP claimed for a second home despite her constituency being close to London.

    12. Someone in parliament deleted a section saying Baron Ahmed was not actually the first Muslim peer.

    13. Someone wiped references to Lord Razzall's interest in an African mining company.

    14. Someone in parliament repeatedly deleted references to Caroline Dinenage MP voting against the marriage equality bill in the House of Commons.

    15. Someone in parliament deleted Ian Paisley Jr. MP's views on homosexuality.

    If anyone with an interest in polishing a politician's reputation wants to edit Wikipedia, then it's probably not a good idea to do it on parliament's computers.