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    British Politicians' Christmas Cards Ranked From Worst To Best

    Cameron and Miliband go arty, Clegg lets his kids do it. And Godfrey Bloom gets the bongos out.

    British politicians stubbornly maintain the tradition of sending official Christmas cards.

    Politicians spend hours every December sending cards to thousands of dignitaries and journalists that they don't really like.

    Here's how this year's bunch square up.

    4. David Cameron's black and white shot tries a bit too hard to be classy.

    3. Former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom goes out of his way to be... oh we don't even know.

    2. Labour leader Ed Miliband goes for predictable and inoffensive.

    1. But it's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who accurately captures the real tackiness of Christmas.

    As a favour to the other politicians we've updated their cards in Clegg's style.

    Miliband wraps up in special elf shoes to keep down the cost of living.

    Bloom defuses the bongos by turning them into christmas tree pots.

    While Cameron is very doge.

    Better luck next year.