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    20 Truly Bizarre Gifts Received By The Royal Family

    Buckingham Palace has released the lists of presents given to the Royal Family in 2013. Anyone for a painting of Queen Anne on a moose?

    Buckingham Palace has today published its annual audit of presents given to the Royal Family.

    Every time a member of the Royal Family is officially presented with a present by a visiting dignitary - or a member of the public - they are obliged to record what they received and who from. They do not take ownership of such gifts but are allowed to use them.

    Here are some of the more unusual gifts that leading royals received during 2013.

    1. The Queen: A limited edition Oyster Card.

    2. Princess Anne: A book entitled Your Arms Remind Me of Pork Luncheon Meat.

    3. Duke of Edinburgh: "Radio Society of Great Britain Centenary Limited Edition Morse Key mounted on wood with a metal plaque".

    4. The Queen: a chocolate model of the royal coach and Windsor Castle.

    5. The Queen: A first edition copy of the academic Bone & Joint Journal.

    6. Prince Andrew: A chocolate bear.

    7. The Queen: Framed copies of Radio Times covers.

    8. The Queen: "Replica clay model of 'The Great Mother' presented in a wicker basket."

    9. The Queen: Some bottles of Malvern Spring Water.

    10. Prince Andrew: Mangoes.

    11. Prince Andrew: Another box of mangoes.

    12. Princess Anne: A history of the Kellogg's company entitled 50 Years Of Making Sunshine.

    13. The Queen: "Portrait of Her Majesty burned onto a tree trunk and mounted on wood".

    From a Sri Lankan MP. There is absolutely no way that we could visualise this.

    14. The Queen: An armenian Bible.

    15. Prince Andrew: A book on the mindset of football managers.

    16. Princess Anne: A gnome.

    17. The Queen: a porcelain sculpture of her granddaughter Zara Phillips on a horse.

    18. Prince Andrew: "Keep Calm and Caber On" t-shirt.

    19. Duke of Kent: A punnet of cherries.

    20. Princess Anne: "A contemporary art print of HRH riding a moose".

    In summary, if you want a lifetime supply of terrible artwork and free fruit then become a member of the royal family.