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    Posted on Jan 13, 2014

    Alex James Is Planning To Launch A Drink Called "Britpop"

    There's only so much fun you can have with cheese. PARKLIFE!

    Alex James, cheese-loving gentleman farmer and sometime Blur bassist, has quietly submitted a trademark application for a drink named "Britpop".

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    Exactly what James intends to do with the trademark is still under wraps, although the application covers everything from "beverages enriched with added minerals" to "low alcohol beer" and "alcopops".

    The trademark request, which was spotted by City A.M., shows that the application was submitted to the UK's Intellectual Property Office in October 2013 and published for consultation last Friday.

    If James is successful then he'll be left with exclusive rights to use the word "Britpop" on soft drinks and alcoholic products for the next ten years.

    James already owns a series of trademarks for cheese, which he makes at his Oxfordshire farm.

    Anyone for a slice of Farleigh Wallop?

    James also owns the naming rights to a cheese called "Blue Monday", which takes its moniker from his favourite New Order song.

    But we look forward to necking a bottle of "Britpop", whatever it may be, in the near future.

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