The Great British Tradition Of Throwing Eggs At Politicians

    Nigel Farage has had an egg chucked at him, continuing the traditional form of British protest. Here's how the others stack up.

    6. Ruth Kelly, Salford, 2006.

    The setting: Outside a court in Salford where the then education secretary was going to give evidence about a Fathers 4 Justice protester, er, throwing eggs at her. Presumably the organisation was actually a front for the National Association of Dry Cleaners.

    Egg-throwing style: Close range and a guaranteed hit, leaving matted egg in her hair. But honestly, show your face if you're going to chuck an egg at a politician.

    Rating: 2/10.

    5. David Cameron, Cornwall, 2010.

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    4. Nigel Farage, Nottingham, 2014.

    3. Ed Miliband, South London, August 2013.

    2. Nick Griffin, Westminster, 2009.

    1. John Prescott, Rhyl, 2001.