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    The Great British Tradition Of Throwing Eggs At Politicians

    Nigel Farage has had an egg chucked at him, continuing the traditional form of British protest. Here's how the others stack up.

    6. Ruth Kelly, Salford, 2006.

    The setting: Outside a court in Salford where the then education secretary was going to give evidence about a Fathers 4 Justice protester, er, throwing eggs at her. Presumably the organisation was actually a front for the National Association of Dry Cleaners.

    Egg-throwing style: Close range and a guaranteed hit, leaving matted egg in her hair. But honestly, show your face if you're going to chuck an egg at a politician.

    Rating: 2/10.

    5. David Cameron, Cornwall, 2010.

    Emma Hallett/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    The setting: Cornwall College, Saltash, Cornwall on the 2010 general election campaign.

    Egg-throwing style: A bit rubbish. A student in a hoodie hangs at the back of the room, doesn't get a hug and responds by chucking an egg at the future Prime Minister. Overly-aggressive and cowardly. Cameron couldn't give a damn.

    Rating: 3/10.

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    4. Nigel Farage, Nottingham, 2014.

    Joe Giddens/PA Wire

    The setting: The Nottingham stop on the Nigel Farage "No Sleep 'Til Brussels" 2014 World Tour.

    Egg-throwing style: An absolutely brilliant hit on the suit but the throwing style is a little swift for our liking: too hit and run. We can understand why Farage got in his car and legged it. Some points are awarded to egg thrower because he actually had a political point to make for a change (although he could do with a new marker pen).

    Rating: 4/10.

    3. Ed Miliband, South London, August 2013.

    Lewis Whyld/PA Archive/Press Association Images
    Lewis Whyld/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    The setting: Walworth Market, South London, on a walkabout to launch for some Labour policy.

    Egg-throwing style: Pretty accurate, as Miliband's dry cleaning bill will attest. James Stewart, the Labour leader's spokesman, bravely tries to push the gurning egg-thrower aside but the missile still gets through. Miliband comes out of it all quite well. Albeit a bit eggy.

    Rating: 5/10.

    2. Nick Griffin, Westminster, 2009.

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images
    John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

    The setting: The triumphant arrival of the BNP's first MEPs in London. Where they were met by a bloody great big anti-fascist protest who have stock up on a dozen of the best.

    Egg-throwing style: Spot on. And judging by the colour and size of that yolk we're guessing Tesco Free Range Extra Large.

    Rating: 8/10.

    1. John Prescott, Rhyl, 2001.

    David Kendall/PA Archive/Press Association Images
    David Kendall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    The setting: A Labour election rally in Rhyl, probably the best seaside resort on the north coast of Wales that's located between Colwyn Bay and Prestatyn.

    Egg-throwing style: Deadly accurate chuck from a big bloke with a Kevin Keegan haircut. John Prescott, at that time still better known for being Deputy Prime Minister rather than sleeping with his secretary, gets his suit ruined. But, breaking every rule in the book, Prescott does what every politician dreams of doing and whacks the gormless protestor. Absolutely brilliant.

    Rating: 10/10.

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