A Lorry Full Of Mashed Potato Has Crashed And Blocked A Road With Instant Mash

Smash means mash.

1. A lorry filled with mashed potato has crashed and shed its load, blocking a major road with wholesome mashed potato.

The lorry crashed near the village of Welburn on the A64 road in North Yorkshire. The packaged mashed potato has combined with residue, causing the mash to cause a serious hazard to drivers.

“Instant mash is covering the road and cars have skidded as a result of the mash swelling up,” a police spokesperson told the York Press.

The road is closed in both directions, with drivers delayed by the mash released as a result of the smash.

4. People stuck in traffic on their way home from the Yorkshire coast were baffled.

Ancient N Yorks midsummer custom. Mashed potato all over A64 today.

— Mary Young (@parvamaria)

The A64 is blocked on both lanes because of a lorry load of mashed potato having crashed I am on my way with a spoon and a bib.

— Bjorn Borkinho (@POSH1100)

A lorrys shed its load of mashed potato on the A64 nr york. Headin there now with sausages and a disposable bbq

— Kevin James Brooks (@Darthbrooks76)

@jimwaterson @yorkpress Presumably causing problems for those driving old bangers? #BaDumTsh

— Dennis M (@Dennis_R_M)

10. Unconfirmed reports suggest locals are currently swarming around the incident with Yorkshire puddings and roast beef.

@jimwaterson Does that make it a traffic Smash?

— IanVisits (@ianvisits)

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