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    6 Pies Baked In The Shape Of Album Covers

    Because nothing says pop music like steak, veg and a load of pastry.

    1. Pink Floyd (Beef and Newcastle Brown Ale).

    Album Pie #1: The Division Bell by @pinkfloyd

    2. Arctic Monkeys (Beef and Newcastle Brown Ale).

    Album Pie #2: AM by @ArcticMonkeys

    3. Franz Ferdinand (Pork and Cider).

    Album Pie #3: Franz Ferdinand by @Franz_Ferdinand

    4. Phil Spector (Beef and Stilton).

    Album Pie #4: A Christmas Gift For You by Phil Spector

    5. Supertramp (Turkey and Ham).

    Album Pie #5: Crime of the Century by Supertramp

    6. Chvrches (Chicken and Leek).

    Album Pie #6: The Bones Of What You Believe by @CHVRCHES

    The creators of @AlbumPies told BuzzFeed that the idea came to them while listening to the Pink Floyd album.

    "After holding the artwork in glorious 12-inch format, it became apparent that the only way we could fully convey our appreciation of the record would be to bake the album's design onto the pastry case of a pie," they explained.

    "We want to remain anonymous so the pies (and albums) speak for themselves."