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128 Questions I Still Have After Binge-Reading The "Harry Potter" Series

After binge reading Harry Potter for the first time in seven years, there are a lot of questions I still have. Here they are.

1. What goes on/is there anything in the area of the castle where the Sorcerer's Stone was kept before or after that incident?

2. How do owls find everyone?

3. Can Harry ever get a haircut unwillingly? Or will it always grow back to it's default unkemptness?

4. Where was the closest troll where Quirrell could just let one into the dungeon?

5. Why does a wizard need a sword?

6. Did wizards have plumbing 1000 years ago when they built the castle? Or was it retrofitted down the line?

7. Why is Dumbledore looking for a chamberpot when it's mentioned that the school has plumbing?

8. How hard is it to dress like a muggle? Did parents never travel? Or is it just a lack of caring?

9. What's the story behind Moody's eye?

10. What other traps and obstacles were in the maze?

11. Why did James come out of Voldemort's wand before Lily?

12. What do the brains do in the Department of Mysteries? How and why are they studied? Where do they come from?

13. Are you telling me there's a room filled with love in the Department of Mysteries? Is that the room that melted Sirius' knife? If not, what was?

14. What happened between Hagrid and Madame Maxime?

15. What was the spell Dolohov used on Hermione in the Department of Mysteries?

16. Can the room of requirement produce anything? Or does it have to be something from within the Castle?

17. How did Harry get the Marauder's Map back after the Maze? Last we saw, Barty Crouch Jr. had it.

18. What's behind all of the different doors in the Department of Mysteries?

19. Who won the House Cup in year five?

20. If only the owner of a prophecy can claim it, who puts them there in the first place?

21. Are time turners gone for good? Or do they just need time to make more?

22. What's up with vampires? Always mentioned, never seen or talked about otherwise. Except for Sanguini. Are there a lot of them? Where do they live? Hangout?

23. Who's Odo? What's his song about?

24. Where did Fawkes go?

25. Lupin says spells come and go, but is there any sort of database of spells? Like a magical wikipedia? Or do some get lost? Do people spend time cataloging spells?

26. What did Slughorn do with the rest of the Felix Felicis? Or did he only make that small amount?

27. What was the potion that Dumbledore drank to get Regulus' locket? The Draught of Living Death?

28. What's up with the tradition of giving wizards watches? Do the watches do anything? If so, can Ron's do anything Harry's can't?

29. How deep does a werewolf scratch need to be to be infectious?

30. Is Golden Fire an actual spell? Can it be used in a duel?

31. What protection were the Dursleys offered? Where?

32. What was Petunia going to say to Harry before she left Privet Drive?

33. What happened to Harry's Firebolt when it fell? Did he ever get another broom?

34. How does the trace work? Is it bestowed by someone at birth? Is it global?

35. Why didn't Harry get in trouble when he used magic on the getaway from Privet Drive?

36. How does Voldemort fly sans broom?

37. Did Dumbledore plan on Hermione being able to summon the books about horcruxes?

38. If Hermione says that a horcrux can't "flit in and out of someone" unless they get emotionally close to it, how did the locket affect them?

39. Where's mokeskin come from? How's it work? Who makes it?

40. What was Xenophilius's wedding gift to Bill and Fleur?

41. How/when do wandmakers get materials for the wands they create? How many wands does a wandmaker usually have in stock?

42. What house was Aunt Muriel in? Woof.

43. We eventually find out that Ravenclaw has a question that changes everytime as a password, but how do you get into the Hufflepuff common room? Does that change as well?

44. Is the song about Odo at the Wedding the same one that Hagrid and Slughorn sang the year before?

45. What exactly is the process by which a headmaster's portrait is added to their office? How does that knowledge transfer work?

46. What is Magical Theory and what did Adalbert Waffling do to make him one of the most notable names of his time?

47. Who put the tracking spell on Voldemorts name and how?

48. Deluminator. What's up. How's it work? Did Dumbledore actually make it? Why?

49. Who took over wand making in Europe after Gregorovitch was killed?

50. What are the principal exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration?

51. Who was Dean's dad? Just some bloke? Or a wizard?

52. Where exactly is Godric's Hollow?

53. How powerful is the Fidelus Charm? What size of building can it hide?

54. Who else won the Barnabus Finkley Prize for Exceptional Spellcasting?

55. What exactly did Grindelwald do to finally be expelled?

56. Where's Nuremgard?

57. Could they have destroyed the locket horcrux without opening it?

58. Why did the locket affect Ron more than Harry or Hermione?

59. How did Ron know where Shell Cottage was?

60. Who sold Xenophilius the Erumpent Horn, and was it meant as a trap?

61. How old is "The Tale of the Three Brothers"?

62. When did Hermione learn Deprimo? Was it in the course of her normal studies or was it extracurricular?

63. Who in the story is descended from the Peverell's, outside of Harry?

64. Who killed Ted Tonks? How did Dean escape?

65. Why does everyone's codename on Potterwatch start with an "R"?

66. Did Hagrid actually have a Support Harry Potter party? Who was there? How'd it get broken up?

67. Who came up with Potterwatch? How does it work?

68. Why was Fred on Potterwatch and not George?

69. How did Dean and Griphook get captured?

70. How did they find Shell Cottage? Did Dobby indeed guide their apperition? How did Harry find Shell Cottage if it had the Fidelius Charm?

71. Do you need to be paying attention or merely overhear the location's address to gain access to a location protected by The Fidelius Charm?

72. Could Goblins use wands if they were taught wandlore? Could humans craft goblin made armor, or use their magic if they were taught how?

73. What happened to Ron and Hermione's original wands after the Manor?

74. How did Olivander make Luna a wand at Aunt Muriel's? How long did it take to make the wand? What're the properties of Luna's new wand?

75. Who planted the flowers on Dobby's grave?

76. Did the goblins raise the Gringotts dragon? Or purchase it? How old is it? What happened to it?

77. How long has the tunnel to the Three Broomsticks been there? Was it created by the Room of Requirement?

78. Where was Cho Chang during DH? Did she still have the hots for Harry? Or just trying to make amends?

79. Did Dumbledore ever use the Resurrection Stone? All signs point to no, but he did still have it after he put the ring on and before he gave it to Harry?

80. Could you ever be asked the same question by the Ravenclaw door twice?

81. Did saying Voldemort in the Ravenclaw Common Room strip Hogwarts of its many protections?

82. What kind of magic did Snape use to fly from Hogwarts when he escaped?

83. After using the Room of Requirement to escape, did it become well-known and frequently used over the next few years? Or was it destroyed by the Fiendfyre?

84. What, if anything, happened when Hermione stabbed the cup? Did it try to protect itself like the locket? How?

85. When Hermione and Ron kissed at Hogwarts, was it their first kiss with each other?

86. Wasn't Malfoy stuck at his house? How'd he get to Hogwarts?

87. Who caused the explosion that killed Fred? Did they die a *painful* death?

88. Did Percy actually resign from the ministry? Or was it truly the last joke Fred heard?

89. Who killed Remus and Tonks?

90. Who'd Dean win his wand from? How?

91. What happened to Snape's final memories?

92. Who was the girl that Ginny was comforting when Harry was walking to meet Voldemort?

93. How did Hagrid get from inside Hogwarts to the Forbidden Forest?

94. Who actually fired the spell which killed Ariana? Which spell was it?

95. How could someone who had studied magical lore as thoroughly as Voldemort never have heard of the Deathly Hallows?

96. Did Harry get a second scar from the second Killing Curse? Where did it hit him?

97. Was Voldemort asexual? Definitely aromanitic.

98. Who marshaled the Thestrals and Hippogriffs? Whose parents showed up? How many parents showed up?

99. Harry says that the power of the Elder Wand would be broken if he just died a natural death, but wouldn't it still go to anyone who disarmed him? Even using his own wand, Harry "won" the Elder Wand from Draco.

100. How long did Harry's sacrifice protection last? How far did it extend?

101. Do muggleborn wizards die a little bit inside when they have to downgrade from cell phones to owls? Or has Wizard tech kept up? How? What would owls do now?

102. Fred mentioned getting married. Did George want to get married? Did he?

103. Where did Harry move after Hogwarts? Is that where he and Ginny raised their family?

104. What did they replace the "magic is might" statue with after Voldemort was defeated?

105. Where did James and Lily get married?

106. What exactly happened with the Sword of Gryffindor? Did it return to the headmaster's office?

107. Did Harry ever travel outside of the UK? Did he ever take up someone's offer to do a biography of what exactly happened?

108. Was The Elder Wand ever retrieved from Dumbledore's tomb? Was anyone ever truly its master after Harry?

109. Did Ollivander have any family? Who took over wandmaking in the UK after he died?

110. How pissed was Griphook when he noticed the Sword of Gryffindor was gone again? Did Harry ever run into problems with Goblins down the line because of it?

111. Do wizards have an equivalent of headphones? Do they have a spell to untangle headphones?

112. Did anyone ever find the Resurrection Stone?

113. Are kids wearing shirts and ties all the time under their robes or was that something that was done just for the movies?

114. What happened to Kreacher after the Battle of Hogwarts? Did he continue to work for Harry or was he freed? If he was freed did he stop working for Harry? Did he ever have a child?

115. Can ghosts ever move on?

116. Are there other hidden magical transportation centers? Other platforms, yes, but what about trans-atlantic trips? Are there magical boats?

117. Do all cultures use broomsticks for flying? Are there other variations other than carpets?

118. We know about butterbeer and firewhiskey, what other magical alcohols exist in the world?

119. What's the average lifespan of a witch or wizard? Some seem mighty old!

120. If Harry weren't orphaned, would he have had brothers and sisters like he hoped?

121. How many wizarding villages are there in the UK? The world?

122. How does one get a house elf? Must it be inherited? What happens if there's only one for a family with multiple children? What happens if there are multiple elves for a single family?

123. How important are godparents in the wizarding world? Does it vary family to family like it does amongst muggles?

124. Are different species able to learn different kinds of magic? Centaurs, goblins, elves, wizards, etc.? How many different types of magic are there?

125. What would happen if Voldemort drank a love potion?

126. Is Auror a special position for the UK? Or is there an Auror department in every wizarding nation?

127. Are there any other big, notable examples of sacrifice magic?

128. Quidditch is big in Europe, is it big in America? Or do they have some other wizarding sport? What is it and how is it played?