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    Young Syrians’ Future Must Not Become Another Casualty Of This Bloody War

    It's time for the international community to do more. Labour are calling on the UK government to back radical plans to get Syrian refugees back into education.

    In the last three years Syria has been torn apart by civil war. This is the same street in Homs in 2011 and 2014

    But for Syria’s neighbours this isn’t just a Syrian crisis, it’s a refugee crisis as well

    Half of them are children

    Education is becoming a casualty of war

    That's why UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos put education at the forefront of the Kuwait II Pledging conference

    But there is an incredibly long way to go

    Unicef and its partners are leading calls to raise a billion for children through their #NoLostGeneration campaign

    Looking at Lebanon

    But there are no camps

    It’s like taking the existing population of London and adding the entire population of Birmingham

    And Manchester

    So we have to find an innovative solution

    Tearing down the language barrier

    Everyone deserves an education

    What the UK government should do

    Labour is calling on the British government to back this plan and use Wednesday's conference to:

    •Build international support for the scheme

    •Show the leadership needed to galvanise and mobilise, the international community, regional governments and philanthropic bodies, in support of Syrian children.

    •Urge neighbouring country governments to change the rules that keep children out of school through linguistic diktats or documentation requirements

    Jim Murphy MP has written to the Development Secretary to ask her to consider these plans

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