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    • jimmk

      Where are the people of color in this town. I grew up in the Central West End on a lovely street named Maryland and I remember Ted Drewe’s and all of the other awesome landmarks, but I also remember walking down the street for Gregory’s and having some Hagen Daz ice cream. having dinner at Culpeppers, going to the wrestling matches when it was Wrestling at the Chase, flying my kite in Forest Park during the spring and smelling the clean cool air and most of all going to Busch stadium to watch my beloved Football Cardinals when they had greats like Jim Hart, Mel Grey, Pat Tilley, Jackie Smith, and Terry Metcalf, never a great winning season but they were ours and we supported them. Great memories I feel sorry for our youth today they will never have the good clean fun we experienced without having to worry that someone will do something to them. I’ve since left St. Louis for professional reason’s bu that place will always be home to me no doubt. I LOVE YOU ST. LOUIS!!!

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