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Elect Jimmie Franklin As Your LGBT Officer!

Voting opens at 12 noon Monday 18th May and closes on Thursday the 21st. To vote and read my manifesto: I am passionate about improving the lives of the LGBT community at the University of Kent and, if elected, will make sure to campaign for the following...

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LGBT+ Mental Health Awareness

Rainbow Health / Via

- 42% of young LGBT people have sought medical help for anxiety and depression in the UK.

- 52% have reported self-harm in the past and present.

- 44% have considered suicide.

- I will lobby for our University to provide more services to the community.

- Campaign to start up an LGBT+ Mental Health Awareness Week to get people talking about depression and anxiety within the community.

Trans+ Awareness

The Transgender Society / Via

- I want our University to lead the way for Trans+ awareness in UK higher education.

- I will lobby for a Trans+ Officer.

- If elected, I intend to make sure staff members are fully trained to work with and teach Transgender students.

An LGBT Night On Campus

The University Of Kent / Via

- Canterbury lacks an LGBT nightlife and that needs to change!

- With a University campus of our size, boasting five bars as of Turing College being finished, it is time we had one dedicating a night to our community.

- If elected, I shall liaise with the bars on campus to establish a regular LGBT event.

LGBT Education

University Of Kent / Via

- If elected, I will push for more engagement with the wider community on LGBT issues.

- Make sure that the Outreach department perserveres with 'Mythbusters' - a scheme set up to work with local schools in educating about tolerance and equality.


View this video on YouTube

Stonewall / Via YouTube

- As I have previously stated, mental health is not being discussed enough within the community. To counteract this, I will set up #EverydayHomophobia at the University of Kent.

- Using social media, let's encourage students who identify as LGBT to come forward and share their experiences of coming out and homophobia.

- We have the opportunity to be at the forefront of LGBT awareness in the UK – this could help us get there.

Gender Neutral Toilets

CBC / Via

- To me, it is vital that transgender students are able to live comfortably and happily during their time at University!

- Too often, Trans and Non-binary people in society feel uncomfortable using public toilets and can experience harassment.

- This is why, if elected, I will campaign for the University of Kent to build gender neutral toilets.

LGBT Sport

Action Images / Via

- In a recent study, it was found that 70% thought youth sport in the UK was not safe or welcoming to lesbian, gay and bisexual people. ( 77% of UK participants in the study had ‘witnessed or experienced homophobia’ around sport.

- I will work with the Sports VP to make sure our University is fully driven toward LGBT students feeling comfortable, happy and a part of #TeamKent.

- Keep the #RainbowLaces campaign going at next year's Varsity!

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