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    • jime4bff94324

      years ago, I worked for a carnival ride company, as the foreman on a ride called the skydiver, I collected a crew of fellow ” southpaws “, 3 weeks after we got the fourth fellow, we switched the ” V-lights “, the tubs ( cars ), the ” short sweeps ” and tension rods around backwards, just for ” shiggles “, and noticed that the ride went up an hour and a half faster, which I had thought might be the case. ordinarily, a 7-8 hour job, for those wrong minded folk became, on a good day, 4.5 hours. teardown usually took 5-6 hours, we trimmed it 3.25…. the night we tore down in that time, we four, and our three ” extra help “, whom, by the way, were also lefties,were sittin’ in the cookshack havin’ coffee, twas a very foggy night, the ride superintendent walked by, saw us there, came up all in ” boss mode “, said ” why aren’t you on the ride”? I said, straight faced, ” Bear, go LOOK at the ride”, he turned pale, and ran off frantically, came back 5 minutes later, and said ” how in the freakadalyn did you do that”? explained to him that Chance manufacturing had created that ride to be reversible, and with an all leftie crew, I took advantage of that… turns out he had noticed ” something different ” about the ole girl ( tubs reversed ), but, not bein’ very knowledgeable about the ride, paid it no heed.we moved that ride like the ” elite ” we were for the rest of the season, and at the end of the route, packed it away as though we would be back next year, which was not in any of our plans, as we had attracted the attention of a different ride owner, who made us all a sweet proposition to come to his show and move a couple of his spectacular rides, for better money and working conditions, and the opportunity to get away from the current show owners son-in-law, who was a real piece of work, knew nothin’ about anything ” biz ” related and wanted everyone to respect him like we did ” the ole man “. funny thing is, that show owner tracked me down the next year, and offered me whatever I wanted to move that ride for him. seems as though his ” new crew ” couldn’t get it up in less than 18 hours. asked him was ” dumaflotcher ” ( the son-in-law “, was still in charge of rides, ( he was ) and gracefully declined (-; last I heard, he sold that skydiver for about half of it’s worth…..

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