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    • Response to Surviving "Django":

      Since you referenced Inglorious Basterds,Iassume you saw it then. What part of Hitler and all of his cronies dying inatheater at the hands of armed Jews was historically accurate? Jesus. It wasafilm meant to make you feel something, not to give homage to history as it happened. As is Django. Yeah Tarantino picked and chose what to show about slavery, because Django is notaslavery documentary. It isamovie with the feel of Inglorious Basterds andasimilar plot structure to Kill Bill. Asawhite person whose ancestors had no part in slavery,Ifind it offensive that you assume that all of the white audience around you are laughing at either the word nigger or in nostalgia. Could it not be the humor of the circumstance they are laughing at? Certainly, -some- might be laughing at what you think are the only options, butIwas not andIknowIam not the only one. Why is it that you getafree pass assuming racist tendencies among white people you never talked to? Your own racist tendencies are quite evident as you do so. And keep in mind that SamuelLJackson and Jamie Foxx, as older and presumably wiser black people than yourself, agreed to act in this “travesty.”  Your only complaints about Django seem to be that it didn’t show the parts of slavery you wanted it to, it showed parts you didn’t want it to, and what you speculated from the audience’s reaction. Which of those things has any bearing on the quality of the film itself?

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