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    • jimc31

      No it’s not. It’s Jesus take on straight people marrying. It’s notacomment on same sex couples. It is Jesus comment on divorce. He goes on too condemning divorce for any reason other than adultry. This is entirely new, Jesus redefines marriage and it’s shocking to everyone. When his disciples get him alone they ask if he really means it. He says yes. They say maybe they shouldn’t get married at all if divorce isn’t permitted for them. He does NOT tell them to get married anyway. He tells them that there are3kinds of eunuchs. The kind made that way by nature, by man and those who become that way in service to God. What does he mean by eunuchs? Today eunuch isadisused word, we tend to think it meansaman with no testicles but that’s not what it meant in the 1st century when eunuchs were an entire class of people and it even applied to women in some cases. I’ve been told by and read Biblical scholars that explain it like this-a eunuch was any man who was notareproductive threat or sexual threat to women. Someone who could not impregnateawoman. How is it that Jesus and his disciples were all unmarried? Read the Gospel of John. It’s hiding right in plain sight. Most people never readasingle book of the Bible from start to finish and the only real reading they get is from church. Neither Catholic nor Protestant churches rotate the Gospel of John intoayear of reading.They only proof text that Gospel. Read it. Start to finish. NRSV or Oxford are fine. All will be clear.

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