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    • James

      The general assumption is that people who are wealthy are smarter than those who are not. Like most assumptions, this one appears to be incorrect. Here we have many, many wealthy and successful people who are spiritually wanting. They seem to be good people but still they appear to haveadeep need foradirect spiritual connection with God and if God doesn’t wish to talk to them directly, they’ll listen to what ever else comes along. It’s mind boggling. Listen folks!Ihave thoughtalot about God myself and like yourselvesIhad questions. All of my questions were answered by God and you can have the answers that God gave me forasmall donation to my checking account. God doesn’t mind ifIcharge you, I’m going to take the money and go to Jamaica and help the poor. So please, if you have any questions about God and the mysteries of the Universe,Iam here to answer them. Cash only please. http://www.jamesasbury.us Time is of the essence, I’m not getting any younger, Jamaica is waiting…