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    • jills25

      WOW so many posts in this thread! Get’s your blood moving. I just want to say, and maybe it’s been said already, This man is WITH his child…Do you even realize how rare that would have been 20 years ago??
      I feel for him. He is obviously exhausted, the baby is obviously very young…The man needed a break for God’s sake!! Let him zone out for a few minutes to revive himself and then he can get back to the business of stimulating the mind of his child. JEEZsch….!! If the child’s eyes are damaged every so slightly for the brief amount of time this man spends resting…it would be better than the father/guardian getting angry and non-resourceful cause he’s spent. We ALL need down time. The whole discussion about gaming/screen time being damaging is mute when it comes to the psychological and physical safety of ALL involved. This is a relationship, not a scientific study.

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