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    Here Are 6 Things You Definitely Need To Do Before You See "Avengers: Endgame"

    "Whatever it takes."

    1. Stay up for the next three days straight and binge every Avengers movie from the last ten years.

    Marvel Studios / Disney / Via

    Here's your list. Go.

    If you binged all 21 films before Infinity War last year, you're probably cool just watching the latest releases again for a quick refresher. Newer films like Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel were both released post-Infinity War and include end credit scenes that play a role in Endgame too, so give those a watch either in theaters or on Netflix.

    2. Start taking bets on who will survive.

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    Start making bets and sharing theories with friends, family, or whoever you're seeing Endgame with about how the Avengers can reverse the Snap, who will come back from the dead, and who will stay dead. Whatever it takes, right?

    3. Get your tickets ready!

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    As if you weren't in one of the huge queues online the moment they went on sale. The earliest showtimes for Endgame kick off on April 25th. Going then is the only way to truly defend yourself against spoilers, unless you plan on staying off all social media forever.

    4. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the carnage you're about to witness.

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    This movie is going to be both physically and mentally taxing. Endgame is three hours long so get ready to sit in a seat for the same duration as a short flight, not even including the plethora of previews too.

    If the film itself is anything like Infinity War, I would also recommend bringing in hundreds of packets of tissues to dry your tears too.

    5. Get your snacks ready.

    Lynda Sanchez / Unsplash / Via

    And be ready to sneak them into the theatre if that's your thing. Also, if you place an empty popcorn bucket over your head, no one can see you crying.

    6. Assemble your Avengers and get ready for the biggest battle yet.

    Marvel Studios / Disney / Via

    You know who I'm talking about; we all have a snarky Iron Man in our lives (I hope yours is a billionaire), a goody Captain America that yells at us about our language, and an adorable Spider-Man who is too pure for this world. Bring your team together and go enjoy the movie!

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