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5 Totally Obnoxious Things We're Still Doing On Instagram

Who can even remember a time when we just annoyed each other in person?

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2. Posting Pics Au Natural With The Hashtag #NoMakeup

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Wear makeup if you want, don't if you don't want! Adding a hashtag to alert your followers that you're not, is just begging for compliments.

3. Posting Multiple Similar Pictures of The Same Night

MBEG Limousine Service / Via

When we're out having the time of our lives with our friends, each picture seems SO important. Ten different posing combinations of our friends is probably not so exciting to anyone else. Let's save that for Facebook.

5. Never Ending #Hashtagging

Atomic Reach / Via

Do you really need to tag your picture with #the ? This is either a ploy to get more people to look at your pic, or the complete misunderstanding of what hashtags are for.

Then again, we're all #guilty sometimes!

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