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Leonardo DiCaprio Wins At Tinder

So maybe it's not the reaaaal Leo. Joel Strong, the New Yorker behind the peculiar yet popular Instagram account @mydaywithleo, challenged himself to go on 14 dates in 14 days... with 14 different girls on Tinder. The catch? Each girl became a part of his Instagram project, which is... well, pretty brilliant.

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Joel Strong travels around New York with little plastic baggies of Leonardo DiCaprio cutouts.

Something had to be done with those '90s Tiger Beat magazines.

He brings us a pseudo-reality where Leo does yoga in Bryant Park.

And sunbathes near the Hudson.

Joel then had the phenomenal idea of using @mydaywithleo to meet girls on Tinder. He obviously couldn't go on 14 dates with Leo, so he spread his creative wings with scissors in hand. Joel scored a date with supermodel Cindy Crawford...

Joel's experience was not only entertaining but insightful. Take note of his Instagram wisdom:

"guys approach women all wrong. i showed up with some lil cutouts in a bag, met girls at liquor stores and bodegas. most went away sayin it was the best tinder experience they'd had. seriously i literally asked one girl to get on her knees in front of a washin machine while i took pictures of her. and she said THIS TOOK THE TINDER CAKE. just what the heck you guys doing to make that sort of thing stand out IN A GOOD WAY??"

"no matter what these girls were using tinder for, they wanted to meet up with me without seeing what i looked like because they thought it would be a fun way to spend an hour. hint you guys: wanna meet lots of girls on tinder? create a project that involves doing somethin fun in public that's not creepy n ask girls on tinder to be in it. they'll be so happy you're not sending them dick pics within 5 minutes that they'll almost all say yes. trust me."

Cheers to that!

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