16 Times Your Children Hated Your Pinterest Obsession

For every child who’s ever been wrapped in Christmas lights.

When you turned their favorite TV monster into an edible junkie.

“C” is for more than cookie. @ventiks / Via instagram.com

During Father’s Day and/or the season finale of Mad Men.

@ltravelbea / Via instagram.com

That time you made a sock puppet that looked more like a phallic symbol.

Try explaining that all too curly wire. @julietyios / Via instagram.com

Or a snowman with a quintessential condom for a hat.

kajo422 / Via instagram.com

Absolutely not. Via wordpress.com

During each and every customized onesie photo.

Monthly celebrations are the #1 source of infantile rage. kalligal / Via instagram.com

When you expected them to paint with a fruit rather than eat it.

Because it’s logical to ruin perfectly delicious fruit with paint. Kids know nothing. brighteyes91884 / Via instagram.com

When their minion cake pops looked like Sloth from The Goonies.

@shawnebeth / Via instagram.com

Causing them to retaliate with a spiteful Truffle Shuffle.

Via tumblr.com

When they were too fearful to dress up like a candy tossing bunny…

We all saw Donnie Darko.

Or too fabulous…

@kierstentomson / Via instagram.com

Check yourself.

Or simply tired of your DIY antics.

@rachel__elder / Via instagram.com

When you insisted to create the perfect Ninja Turtle cap to make all of their friends jealous.

dunkindoublegs / Via instagram.com

You thought it had the potential to be the next grade school trend, likened to the slap bracelet.

Via tumblr.com

When you planned that “awesome” Star Wars birthday with “neat” Yoda treats. May the fro-yo be with you.

@tiffanyhacker / Via instagram.com

That time you created the perfect photo op, only to realize a pumpkin is not a carriage.

@ylime064 / Via instagram.com

But you didn’t learn your lesson until your Mommy and Me class tried it, too.

On the first day of school.

And every time they became the subject of your experimental photography, i.e. your breakfast.

Via instagram.com

But no matter what uncomfortable DIY project you subject them to, they’ll always love you.

Via myfairytal-e.tumblr.com

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