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238 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Now You See Me 2"

239. Sequels CAN be awesome!

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1. Ahh, there's that music!

2. Morgan Freeman!

3. Omg, the two movies are immediately connected?!

4. Uh oh, I already know this doesn't end well...

5. #retroactivespoiler

6. That poor kid!

7. Wow, the whole first movie is coming back to me now

8. Can Morgan Freeman narrate my life?

9. Wait, why are they still showing Henley?

10. He has a prison vlog?!

11. Shawshank flashback

12. I'm still upset at this title

13. A new 'do for Danny!

14. Why aren't there any rats in the sewer?

15. Oh shit

16. Are we supposed to know who those faces are?

17. Mark!

18. I love him

19. This looks just like in "The Next Three Days" / Via

19. This looks just like in "The Next Three Days"

20. Wait, do his coworkers still not know he actually is? Impressive!

21. I wonder if they actually wrote all those articles on the wall?

22. New love interest? I'm calling it

23. What happened to Alma Dray from Interpol?

24. Wait, is the boss guy onto him?

25. "Who are you?" You said it, Daniel

26. I think she'll end up with Jack

27. Trying to explain Henley away won't work

28. Is that real?

29. New bromance alert

30. Who are the floozies?

31. Lula?

32. Ooh, tryouts!

33. Nice burn, Merritt

34. She's got a messy backstory

35. Great, now no one is gonna buy cell phones

36. More intense show music!

37. How does no one recognize Jack's voice?

38. That was close!

39. I want a tearaway tux

40. That was clever

41. Ok what? Who is Stooge?

42. Talking into your wrist is not suspicious at all...

43. Ok, I accept her now

44. Ooh, hypnosis in action!

45. Who is this plaid-clad man?

46. Did she mean to toss the hand?

47. Smooth, Lula

48. No longer the Four Horsemen?

49. Man, I'd be so pumped if they invaded my show!

50. What?

51. Omg, Harry, is that you?

52. Oh shit, exposed

53. Oh no, Dylan! Protect yourself!

54. Damn, Dylan

55. Janice looks so good since Mean Girls

56. Of course they fell into strategically placed hampers

57. This China reveal would be more surprising if it wasn't in the trailer

58. What? Merritt 2.0?

59. Oh, he hypnotizes, too!

60. Nice, Woody gets so many more lines!

61. I did NOT see this coming

62. #niceperm

63. How confused must the general public be right now?

64. Oh man, I briefly forgot about him!

65. I like it better when Dylan is in control of the movie

66. That's a catchy little tune, Chase

67. I'm calling pizza "za" now

68. Despite the "explanation", I still don't know how he did it

69. Oh god, I miss Henley

70. Is the "eye" one single person?

71. Here he is!

72. The boy who lives, literally

73. She'll never live that down, will she?

74. I'd like to know how he did it

75. Stalker level of creepy

76. Is that a real picture of Daniel Radcliffe?

77. Please don't make this too tech-y

78. And there's the main objective - it's a heist film (again)

79. Well, that's enough incentive for me

80. So I guess Daniel really is the boss...

81. I'm still pissed they exposed Dylan so early

82. Thaddeus is hangry

83. That's pretty manipulative

84. He almost said Walter White!

85. Since when is the Eye connected to Macau?

86. Is this shopping list in English?

87. Does that phone actually work?

88. Bonding!

89. Morgan Freeman sporting a classic look / Via

89. Morgan Freeman sporting a classic look

90. Uh, it's a little early to talk about that...

91. Oh, they're totally perfect for each other!

92. "Merr bear" - love it

93. The Merritt character needs more lines of his own (not his twin)

94. What, how does he know that about Dylan?

95. The 30 years were worth it, imo

96. I almost want to be on Thaddeus's side now

97. I really hope Dylan is actually still orchestrating everything

98. Cardistry?

99. Nice necklace

100. Ok, I want to learn hypnosis

101. Harry looks good without the glasses

102. Does that mean Daniel is the bimbo now?

103. Where's Chase? They could use him

104. Nice metal detector

105. What is this moustached man's accent?

106. Slide Jack, slide!

107. So sassy

108. How convenient, the chip is card-sized

109. Impressive cardistry

110. Daniel looks way too nervous

111. I'm secretly hoping for a Henley cameo

112. How much would it suck if they had the wrong card

113. Omg, I'm so nervous!

114. Daniel almost blew it

115. But wait, the chip's metal

116. That was epic stalling!

117. Come on, you have to drive away casually! / Via

117. Come on, you have to drive away casually!

118. Hey, I recognize that street from Amazing Race Canada

119. Ok, he speaks the language - gamechanger!

120. I really need to learn another language

121. Shrike sighting! (in print, but still)

122. Oh shit, is that the safe?!

123. Is this an act, Dylan?

124. I seriously still think that Shrike is alive

125. Is there something funky on that watch?

126. Shit, who wrote that napkin note?!

127. That knowing look at the security camera = classic

128. Hey, they found each other

129. Ok seriously, who is in charge here?

130. Is he breaking up with him? Dylan, don't go!

131. He probs shouldn't talk to him in public

132. Science and magic civil war?

133. I bet he tricked them!

134. Go Dylan!

135. Ouch

136. You better believe it, Daniel

137. We could use some hypnosis up in here

138. Ok, what type of magic is Dylan's specialty?

139. Fire breather!

140. So Chase works with Harry Potter (Walter)?

141. How DOES he still have that?

142. Who is Walter's father again? Tressler?

143. He looks like he has pink eye

144. His son looks significantly younger than him

145. I don't love all this aggression

146. Nice teacups! Are they on eBay?

147. Oh shit, are they putting him in?!

148. I gotta say, that's brilliant

149. He's gonna do it, I know he will

150. Come on man, use your #skillz

151. This is a family movie - they won't let him die, will they?

152. Oh damn, the watch!

153. I can't open my eyes under water, so I'd be so screwed

154. I think he did it!

155. Oh brother!

156. Did they seriously think they could outsmart a Shrike?

157. Is Arthur part of the eye?

158. Just keep swimming

159. Is that Daniel?

160. Yay!

161. Oh no, it's a decoy chip

162. I bet Walter made it card-sized on purpose

163. How would she know what the Horsemen do?

164. Do they know Dylan is Shrike's son? I can't remember

165. Of course she speaks English

166. I clearly don't have much experience with tarot cards

167. Hey, the Eye!

168. Big Brother is watching

169. I still miss Henley

170. I want Walter's condo

171. Hey, is it Christmas soon?

172. How could he tell that the threat is real just by zooming in on the Youtube video?

173. The London Eye!

174. He's such a daddy's boy

175. Now people will tweet about him for sure

176. Lula is probs gonna be jealous

177. Ooh, maybe Chase really is on their side

178. Wow, I wanna see these tricks!

179. Is he really panicking, or is he faking it? You never know with these movies

180. That fly joke was juvenile and awesome

181. Oh, I saw some of this rain trick in trailers - I'm so pumped!

182. Is it currently New Year's Eve?

183. Can Daniel come to my hometown and control it's weather?

184. Wtf?

185. What? How?

186. No. Just stop, man. You can't magic your way out of this one!

187. At least one person objects to using birds in magic

188. Ok, remind me of Daniel's abilities again?

189. Who's the hobo?

190. Nice exit, Jack!

191. Ok, what??

192. Sadness, Merritt didn't get to show off!

193. Oh shit

194. I hope Merritt's a fast learner

195. Training for BMX at the Rio Olympics?

196. I assume this is all part of the plan?... / Via

196. I assume this is all part of the plan?...

197. Oh hey, it's Arthur!

198. Ok, who in this van is hypnotized?

199. Where is the actual chip? With Thaddeus?

200. I'm fully aware that I keep refining my predictions here - it's just that I'm ruined after watching the first movie!

201. That bearded smile, though

202. Aww, Jack tried to defend her

203. Is that the decoy?

204. I bet this arguing is intended to distract Arthur and Walter

205. What's going on?

206. Oh man, Iron Man 3 Air Force One flashback! / Via

206. Oh man, Iron Man 3 Air Force One flashback!

207. What's with the classical music?

208. "Hit the road, Jack"

209. I'd be scared to drink that stuff

210. Woohoo, Horsemen!

211. What? Where are they? Underwater?

212. Wow, impressive! And so sneaky!

213. Everyone's just pumped to have another chance to see Harry Potter again

214. Dylan! He's so great :)

215. The Sydney Opera House has screens on the roof?!

216. I called it with Chase's loyalty!

217. Nevermind, he was the one hypnotized!

218. Will there be a third movie?

219. That's a nice fireworks show!

220. Totally called it with those two

221. So now where'd he go?

222. The eye in the sky!

223. Is Thaddeus coming soon?

224. Omg, Lionel? Maybe? Ok, maybe not

225. Look how young Morgan Freeman was

226. Thaddeus! Love the tie!

227. Misdirection reigns supreme!

228. So the Eye IS always watching!

229. Wow, did Thaddeus control the whole two movies?!

230. WHAT???????

231. Moustache man????? Ok, I did NOT NOT NOT see that coming

232. So wait, is Dylan over 40?

233. No, don't say that, Thaddeus

234. Is he the Eye?

235. I like his shiny blue shirt

236. Are they gonna show us what/who is behind the curtain?

237. A possible second sequel?

238. My sister said it best: "I'm too dumb for this movie"!/539272/ / Via!/539272/

238. My sister said it best: "I'm too dumb for this movie"

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