19 Movies That Are Deceivingly Depressing

I was so excited to see that! Until it scarred me emotionally. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

1. The Spectacular Now

A happy ending doesn’t make up for almost murdering your delicate girlfriend. Spectacular NO.

2. Spring Breakers

If anyone can explain how the party movie of the century turned into a drug-dream/sexual assault… Lemme know.

3. This Is 40

This movie should have a warning label.

4. The Hunger Games

What the no?! Did anybody know this was about brutally massacring children?! #KONY2012

5. Country Strong

She just DIES?! I’m out.

6. The Last Song

Ok, so I didn’t read the book. But I also didn’t know that I had to watch Hannah Montana’s dad DIE. RUDE. NOPE.

7. L!fe Happens

THIS JUST IN: Nothing in life is fair and I hate everything.

8. Young Adult

Oh so even when my dreams come true, I’m still gonna be a goddamn psychopath? COOL. NO. BYE.

9. Fun Size

If this is a children’s movie, then why does Chelsea Handler CRY in it?? SEE YA LATER.

10. Blue Valentine

Fine, yes, I only watched the movie to stare at Ryan Gosling. But I didn’t know he was gonna be a goddamn failure. Come on, America.

11. The Place Beyond The Pines

Fine, yes, I only watched the movie to stare at Ryan Gosling. And Bradley Cooper. Wait he dies? Cool.

12. Funny People

Where are they? I can’t see any funny people through these TEARS.

13. 500 Days of Summer

500 Days of You Guessed It: No.

14. Adventureland


15. The Puffy Chair

The Puffy I’m Giving Up On Life.

16. Perks of Being a Wallflower

Woohoo I love this movie! Go Hermione— wait what? Did he just… I’m sad.

17. Friends With Kids

I wanted to cry of laughter you idiots.

18. The Descendants

So much heart. So much happiness. So much hottness— Mom help.

19. Air Bud

Who even let them make this movie?? GET OUT OF HERE, DEMON MOVIE MAKERS!!!

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