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Snog, Marry, Or Avada Kedavra?

The new game that's sweeping the Muggle nation.

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The rules of the game are simple. If you had to choose, out of three people, who would you snog, who would you marry, and who would you Avada Kedavra?

So, snog, marry, or Avada Kedavra out of the Triwizard Tournament (male) champions?

Made your pick? Great. What about the blondies:

Those three made quite the dysfunctional family, didn't they? How about these three Gryffindor boys:

How about a faceoff between the Hogwarts professors?

What about everyone's favorite Gryffindor women?

And finally, out of these three evil bastards, who would you snog, marry, or Avada Kedavra (consider how gross their teeth are carefully)?

Add your own in the comments!

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