Ryan Lochte Released A Home Workout Video Today

American flag grill not included.

For just $30, you too can look like a bro-y Olympian! “Lochte Hard-CORE” promises to take you from flabby to AB-y!

A revolutionary new home workout series that is truly breaking the elements of home workout training. Starring Ryan Lochte, six-time Olympic Medalist and his trainer Matt DeLancey, Lochte Hard-CORE will focus entirely on the core. The core is the most important part of a swimmer’s body because it is the foundation of strength. Without a strong core a swimmer’s strokes alone would not be powerful enough to win the gold. The core is also the most important part of YOUR body! That’s why Ryan felt it was necessary to start here, to strengthen the core and allow the rest of the body to follow.

Should we bet on how many times he said “Jeah!” or how many shots it took him to get his words in the right order? Oh well, he looks amazing as always.

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