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Bus On The Vegas Strip Hands Out Iv-Drips To Absolve You Of Your Hangover And Sins

You blacked out last night, you feel like death, but you want to keep on drinking. Hangover Heaven is here to help! VEGAS BABY!

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Did you drink 14 white Russians at the roulette table till 8 a.m. last night? Do you sort of remember the champagne room of the strip club before you got kicked out? Did you try to break into the lions' cage at MGM?

FEAR NOT! Hangover Heaven's IV-drip-by-bus service will be let loose on the Vegas strip April 14.

For just $130 (as much as you can spend on a room at the Flamingo for an entire weekend or several gigantic margaritas in Eiffel Tower-shaped plastic bottles) you can stick some fluids in your arm and lose the hangover in just 45 minutes, free to take shots naked by the pool next to Carrot Top as you please. Sounds totally safe! Play with an iPad as you recline on plush chairs while anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medicines course through your veins, and they'll even pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. After all, this is "the after-party for the after-party." What happens in Vegas may or may not stay in your bloodstream.

There is another cheap, fast way to overcome a hangover: drinking more! You know what they say, the hair of the dog...

Watch as Alex tells his fascinating testimonial of a crazzzyyyyy night drinking with the bros. "It was a pretty ridiculous night. I don't really remember too much," Alex says. COOL STORY HANSEL.

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