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46 Animals Having A Better Summer Than You

Seriously, you'd better make the most of August.

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1. This dog who started working out in February so his body would be beach ready

2. And this walrus who did the same thing

3. This spider who can't believe how amazing she looks in her bathing suit





9. This dog who's unimpressed by your tricks

10. This dog who couldn't wait to get his bike out of storage

11. This bird who's straight cruisin'

12. This turtle who's just happy to be outside

13. This teenage dog who hangs out with his cool teenage friends at the playground


15. This seal who loves to play outside with his friends

16. This raccoon who loves playing in the sprinklers

18. These monkeys joining their friends at the pool


21. This otter that WILL beat you in pool basketball

22. This cat who is SUPER EXCITED to get to the beach

23. This dog who packed the perfect beach bag

24. This dog who's been waiting FOREVER to learn how to swim

25. These penguins practicing for Baywatch

26. This dog who's letting her hair down

27. This corgi who just can't wait to jump in

28. This elephant who's only going in far enough so she can pee

29. These elephants who CANNOT get enough of the water



32. This hippo who feels the same way

34. This monkey who just realized she lost her bikini top

35. This squirrel who hasn't waterskiied since last summer, man

37. This dog who just loves to shred, bro

38. This dog who says surfing is his LIFE

40. This sloth who lives life in the fast lane

43. This chipmunk going to a rooftop dance party tonight

44. This sloth making a move on his longtime crush

45. This cat rollin' home after a fun summer day

46. But you know we'll do it all over again tomorrow!!!!

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