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    10 Reasons To Love Scott Caan

    Sometimes a little love from Hawaii Five 0 star can totally cheer you up.

    1. Scott plays an awesome detective Danny Williams in Hawaii Five 0.

    2. The bromance with co-star Alex O’Loughlin on H50 is totally amazing.

    3. So is the bromance between their characters on H50.

    4. He and his girlfriend are totally adorable together.

    5. Did I mention his dog, Dot, is a cutie too?

    6. He is also a wonderful surfer.

    7. And a philanthropist.

    8. During his downtime, Scott picks up camera taking photos.

    9. He is very nice to his fans.

    10. And don’t forget his father, James Caan, is legendary.

    So you fall in love yet?