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    • jh284000

      Seriously, where are your editors. #5 is horribly inaccurate. If you took the “intensive” time to simply google “Resident Evil sales figures” and go to Capcom’s own official website, you could find in a matter of seconds that the game series has sold over 56 million copies worldwide. (http://www.capcom.co.jp/ir/english/business/salesdata.html) Considering this, there have been far more games sold than your article claims total money has been made. Last I checked, games tend to sell for about $50 dollars on average, not $1 or less than $1. Doing some simple math on this and only accounting for maybe half of these sales being at full price, the Resident Evil game series has likely brought in over $1 billion worldwide, significantly more than the film serious has yet to do. I get this is supposed to just be a breezy, humorous article, but you guys are just straight up lazy.

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