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18 Times Dylan Sprouse Was The Absolute Best Person On Twitter

"Intelligence is marked by the amount of tabs you have open in your browser."

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1. When he accurately described the definition of "survival of the fittest."

I can bet that people who don't fold their pizza won't survive the apocalypse.

2. When he wasn't afraid to share his inspiring weekend plans.

Only 8 more days till #Fallout4 and I'm already closing my blinds and alienating my friends

3. When he commented on the latest bizarre fashion trend.

whats up with all these adults wearing onesies with buttflaps and shit. Stop trying to be a baby

And when he needed no words.


4. When he asked the important questions.

5. But was also concerned with the well-being of others.

6. When he showed us the true meaning of fame.

Now that I'm verified maybe my grandma will talk to me again

7. And asked the same question we wanted the answer to.

.@JakeTAustin hey dude whatsup, long time no talk. Why are you so ripped right now


8. When he wanted to make sure he wouldn't disappoint.

As an account gains more followers, do their tweets also get more boring? Does anyone have a graph of this

9. When he causally implied that he lied to us throughout all of our childhood.

The truth is, we can't find our birth certificates, I could be cole. I also could be made up. Up to you man

10. When he asked this innocent question.

Is it gross to eat right from the tub of bbq pulled chicken?

11. Or just didn't make any sense, whatsoever.

I have a wicked sick flesh beard to look forward to. Radical shaka breh, totally tubular


12. The time he posed this mind-boggling question.

Do you think sidewalks would exist if we could fly

13. When he expressed this real AF frustration.

Yes youtube I fuckin understand that the website is now fullscreen

14. And spoke this insightful, inspiring quote.

Intelligence is marked by the amount of tabs you have open in your browser

15. When he identified the true ruler of the Animal Kingdom.

Don't mess with baboons, don't look at baboons, don't watch baboons on television, don't even think about baboons they don't need support


16. Or showed us what it means to have #RelationshipGoals.

.@TacoBell Thinkin' of you while in bed ;*

17. When he summed up adulthood in a mere 140 characters.

Now that I'm not living with my dad how do I schedule dentist appointments

18. And finally, when he won the entire game of life and the internet.

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