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19 Bernese Mountain Puppies Who Just Want To Make Your Day Better

Love comes in all sizes

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1. This little guy who had the perfect hiding spot.

2. And this one who's ready for their treat.

3. This stylish fellow who is totally prepared for winter.

4. And this puppy who's already posing in the snow.

5. These two who love their Sunday drives.

6. And this sophisticated who's ready for anything.

7. Look out! Just the world's cutest high five coming at you.

8. These pups want to show off their support.

9. This pretty girl who just wants to lay in the grass with you.

10. While this one catches some rays.

11. Watch out, he wants to join too!

12. This mush who just wants to be like his momma.

13. And these two lovebirds sharing the cutest snow kiss.

14. This giant fluff ball is overwhelmed with love.

15. Ugh, can those eyes be any cuter?!

16. Or that little black nose?!

18. This little girl just wants to show you how well she can go up the stairs by herself.

19. "I'm ready for my close-up now."

*Dies from cuteness*

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