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    16 Stocking Stuffers That I'm Probably Gonna Order For Myself, Too

    These gems are destined to impress.

    1. A fleece neck warmer that they'll never want to take off. It's made of a stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, so it'll see them through everything from winter sports to walks to the grocery store.

    A person wearing the neck warmer, a beanie, and ski goggles

    2. A pack of magnetic bookmarks that look like little pieces of art. They can mark one page or hold multiple — super handy for chapter review before an exam.

    An array of magnetic bookmarks surrounding the corner of an open book

    3. A bottle of Dr Teal's Epsom salt foaming bath for an at-home spa-like experience. This one also contains shea butter and almond oil to leave their skin extra silky.

    A person holding the bottle over a bubble bath

    4. A limited-edition Glade candle with notes of apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg that'll make their home smell like the holidays.

    The candle on a wooden table with an apple pie

    5. A Burt's Bees hand cream trio set because moisturizing is an all-hands-on-deck operation. They can stash one in their bag, in their car, and next to their bed to prevent their hands from becoming downright reptilian this winter.

    The three hand creams in a gift box

    6. A flopping fish if they've got a frisky feline. It looks like a real fish, flippity-flops like one, and has a pocket for catnip!

    A cat holding the flopping fish while lying next to a dog

    7. A box of LINDOR assorted truffles because you really can't go wrong with gifting chocolates. With a variety of flavours and colours, these shiny, little balls are reminiscent of ornaments, aren't they?

    Hands tie a ribbon around a box of chocolates

    8. An extendable back scratcher to rule all back scratchers *raises to the sky like a medieval sword*. It's sturdy, not too sharp, and even has a small roller ball on the other end for deep-tissue massaging.

    The back scratcher on a blank background with zoom ins on its grip, claw, and massage roller

    9. A pack of Paper Mate Flair felt-tip pens. They're bold, bright, and bleed-proof. I'd say that ticks all the boxes, right?!

    A personholding a pen above a noteboook

    10. A copy of Things To Do While You Poo On The Loo, which is self-explanatory, but still pretty awesome. It includes fart jokes, mazes, and even a "poop checklist."

    The book cover for "Things To Do While You Poo On The Loo" with a toilet on it

    11. An electric lighter that doesn't need fuel or refilling — just a good charge via USB! It's got a bendy neck that's ideal for lighting candles and grills without burning off those fingertippies.

    12. A set of reusable fibre-glass chopsticks with colourful, eye-catching designs. The tips are frosted and tapered to help them pick up every last morsel of food on their plate.

    A set of multicoloured chopsticks

    13. A game called How Well Do You Know Me? that's packed with 50 questions to ask their family and friends. They can bust this out at reunions or dinner parties to test who knows the crowd best.

    14. A beverage warmer that'll save coffee and tea lovers from making multiple trips to the microwave. It's also great for releasing the aroma from scented candles without having to light them!

    The beverage warmer with a patterned mug on it on a desk

    15. A Moleskine notebook for the artist or scribe on your list. Maybe they'll even write about how awesome you are for giving them such a lovely little notebook.

    A person holding two molskine notebooks and a camera

    16. And finally, a pack of noise-cancelling ear plugs with a 3D eye mask. What makes it 3D, you ask? Well, it won't smother their face by laying flat on their eyes. Now they'll get the sleep of their dreams.

    A collage of ear plugs and an eye mask

    You after filling up those stockings to the brim without breaking the bank:

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