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    36 Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas They'll Actually Appreciate (And They're All From Amazon Canada)

    Useful lil' gifties.

    1. A pair of Aveeno hand and foot masks that'll soothe their thirsty digits and stompers with prebiotic oats and shea butter. Reviewers say they noticed a huge improvement in their skin after a single use and love how quickly they work to soften their rough spots.

    aveeno foot and hand masks on a table

    2. A pair of tea strainers that'll make sure every single sip is leaf-free. They have screw-on lids that'll let them steep their rooibos without a care in the world.

    The tea strainer next to its plate and a mug

    3. A pack of washing machine tablets for the Monica Geller in your life. All they'll need to do is throw one in, run a regular cycle, and their washer will be left sparkling and stink-free.

    A person putting a washing machine tablet into their washing machine

    4. A pack of rainbow bag clips that'll save their snacks from going prematurely stale. They can divide them up amongst their household so that everyone knows which chips belong to whom.

    The clips on several open bags

    5. A reusable anti-fog cloth that'll coat their specs with a special solution and save their lenses from getting all misty. Reviewers say they use it before putting on protective masks and it keeps their breath from impairing their vision.

    6. A bestselling car phone holder if using GPS is an absolute must when they're driving. It'll help them navigate and keep their phone from falling onto the floor of their car while they're en route.

    a phone in a phone holder in a car

    7. A weekly pill organizer that'll help them keep track of their daily vitamins and tablets. Each individual container is divided in two, meaning they can separate their a.m. doses from their p.m. ones.

    A person holding one of the pill containers in front of the whole pill storage box

    8. A three-pack of Cosrx pimple patches that'll suck the gunk out of their zits overnight. They'll seriously help the appearance of redness, and will even speed up their healing process, too.

    9. A pair of tie-free shoelaces that'll transform their favourite sneakers into slip-ons. Reviewers say they make shoes super easy to slide on and off and don't loosen when they break into a sprint.

    A pair of Adidas with tie-free shoelaces on them

    10. A set of resistance bands that'll add a little extra spice to their next workout. Storing 'em is a total cinch, which they'll appreciate if they live in a small space and don't have room for a bunch of equipment.

    a top down view of brittany using the resistance bands on her feet with more bands on the floor

    11. A retractable travel lint roller so they can de-fuzz while they're out and about. Reviewers say it's ultra sticky and love that it doesn't eat up too much space in their bags (it's about the size of a highlighter).

    12. A bestselling gel toilet stamp that'll clean away stains and rings with every flush. It's also scented, so their bathroom will always smell fresh — no matter what goes on in there.

    13. A stainless steel snowflake multi-tool that'll solve all the little problems that plague them. It has 19 heads that'll help them tackle almost every task, from cracking open a beer to tightening the screws on their bike.

    A person using the tool to fix various parts of their bike

    14. A pack of reusable interdental brushes that have soft nylon bristles and are small enough to fit in their pocket. They're way more effective than traditional floss and will be a godsend if they have permanent retainers.

    15. A silicone pouch that'll keep smaller items (like baby bottle caps and reusable straws) from janglin' about in their dishwasher. It's totally flexible and can be folded both vertically and horizontally, so they can customize it to fit their bits and bobs.

    A person placing the filled pouch onto the top rack of their dishwasher

    16. A pair of tiny zipper lights that'll help them find their front door keys on the darkest of nights. Reviewers also attach them to their dogs' collars to keep them visible when they go out in the evening.

    The light attached to a person's jacket zipper

    17. A stick-on card holder they can put on the back of their phone for quick access to their IDs and credit cards. It's perf for outings when they don't wanna lug around a bulky wallet.

    a person pulling a card out of their stick-on phone wallet

    18. A jewellery-cleaning brush that'll restore their trinkets and treasures to their former, sparkly glory. Reviewers say the brush tip makes it super easy to get all up in the tiny crevices of their baubles.

    A jewellery-cleaning brush sitting on a table next to a diamond ring

    19. A roll of extra-strong Gorilla tape that'll help them fix rips, cracks, and tears in their gear. It can stand up to moisture, UV rays, and extreme temps, so they won't have to worry about their patch job falling apart on them.

    A person repairing a backpack with the tape

    20. A pair of bestselling blind spot mirrors that'll give them a better view of their surroundings, so they can stay safe and sound while they're cruising. Reviewers say they're especially great for people who haven't mastered parallel parking.

    A blind spot mirror showing a wide view of the road on a highway

    21. A pack of iron-on denim patches that'll save them from sewing up the rips in their jeans over and over again. They come in four different shades, which means they won't be stuck fixing up their stuff with a patch that stands out like a sore thumb.

    A before photo of jeans with holes by the crotch and an after photo with the patches on those holes

    22. A pack of Korean exfoliating washcloths that'll help them buff away dirt and dead skin. Reviewers love that they can wear them like gloves, which makes it easier to exfoliate harder-to-reach areas like the backs of their legs.

    alice wearing the exfoliating washcloth on her hand

    23. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses they'll appreciate if they stare at a computer all day. They can help reduce eye strain and save them from getting a gnarly screen headache.

    the glasses with tortoise shell rims

    24. A fabric shaver that'll give their cozy sweaters a total refresh. They'll also be able to use this thing to get rid of pilling and lint on their couch and other fabric furniture.

    brittany holding up the fabric shaver

    25. A pack of handy cleaning wipes that'll make their old boots and sneakers look brand new, so they can wait a little longer before buying a new pair. They can also use them to wipe down their leather jackets and handbags.

    26. A digital thermometer that'll instantly tell them the internal temperature of whatever meat they're cooking. Its probe is teeny-tiny, meaning they won't lose too much juicy goodness when they poke around in their steaks.

    someone using the meath thermometer to measure the temperature of their steak

    27. A pair of silicone face-scrubbing pads that'll gently massage their skin. They're soft enough to use on their eye area, so they won't need to use any other cloth or cleansing pad to remove their makeup.

    brittany holding a silicone face scrubbing pad

    28. A pack of silicone straws if saving the turtles is their top priority. They'll be easier on their teeth than metal alternatives, and are way less flimsy than the paper ones they can get at the coffee shop.

    two straws in vibrant beverages

    29. A portable door lock that'll make them feel safer in their home or hotel room. If they've got a nosy roommate who won't mind their own business, this little doodad will be a saving grace.

    A  portable door lock wedged into a door beside the handle

    30. A trio of spa headbands that they can use to hold their hair back while they do their makeup or go through their skincare routine.

    31. A stick-on cord organizer that'll keep their wires from slithering under their desk or getting tangled in their drawer. It's also a great accessory for their car if their dash is looking a little messy.

    A pile of tangled cords and several cords in the organizer

    32. A tear-off to-do list so they can finally sort out their priorities. It breaks down what they need to do today, tomorrow, next week, and for the rest of their life — meaning they'll know exactly when tasks need to be tackled (and in what order).

    A to-do list hanging on an office wall

    33. A 2-in-1 cleansing tool with a gritty scrub on one side and a soft loofah on the other. It'll allow them to easily switch between exfoliating and lathering up, without needing to swap sponges.

    a person holding the double sided sponge

    34. A tube of Aquaphor healing ointment that'll soothe their chafed and chapped skin, leaving it moisturized and silky-smooth. Reviewers say it's a lifesaver for anyone with cracked lips and that it's more effective than other, more expensive balms and masks.

    a person squeezing moisturizer onto their finger

    35. A handy-dandy shoe horn that'll save them from struggling with their boots and help them slip 'em on quickly. Plus, the backs of their shoes won't get smooshed down.

    a shoe horn next to a pair of dress shoes

    36. And finally, a teeny-tiny bike storage rack that'll help them tuck away their summertime ride, while freeing up some floor space. With one clip per bike, installation is wildly easy — they'll just have to mount it onto a wall and pop their front wheel in.

    Happy holiday shopping, y'all!

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