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    • jesst3

      Very funny! Interesting. So…does possessingapomegranate…but not possessing the knowledge to prepare it, make you middle class?Ithink there arealot of people who like and perhaps buy the things on this list but some do it with more ease than others?A’middle-class’ taste?Ithought there werealot of other considerations. Or is it just down to herbal tea and fennel? Im confused.Ilike pomegranates (and know that you don’t peel them), herbal teas and own an iPAD and an iPhone. ButIam 100% organicly, fair-tradely British working class-and not ashamed to say it. After reading this list, perhapsIam just one skinny soya-latte away from breaking through that glass ceiling. Funny ol’ world :/

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