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Why Jenna Marbles Is The Best Therapist Out There

Jenna Marbles: Cool Hair? Check. Cute dogs? Double check. Wisdom that will knock your pants off? Check.

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Jenna Is Confident In Her Skills As Your Life Coach / Via

The doctor will see you now.

She Is Always Honest About Your Problems / Via

Mkay, lets get down to business and patch you up.

But She Also Gives You Someone Else To Blame / Via

Hey, you can't take ownership for all your life troubles. Who you gonna blame?

She Never Makes You Feel Like You're Alone In Your Suckiness / Via

See, you're not the only one with problems. There there my little patient.

But She Does Call You Out On Things No One Else Will / Via

Seriously? You thought that was okay? Dr. Marbles says no to that.

Jenna Always Knows What Your Priorities Should Be / Via


And She Motivates You To Make Great Life Changes / Via

Tough love is sometimes the best love.

Jenna Makes Sure You Feel Good About Yourself / Via

Why thank you madame therapist!

And If That Doesn't Work, She Always Has A Backup Plan / Via

Here's your prescription: slip into a food coma.

Jenna Knows How To Softly Reject Your Ideas / Via

You're not seeing a therapist because you know what you're doing. Pipe down with your own advice.

But She Also Teaches You How To Defend Yourself / Via

Is someone being mean to you? Tell that hater to step the f-ck away.

She May Not Be Roses And Rainbows 24/7 / Via

Dying alone? No, don't be silly! Your 15 cats wouldn't leave you by yourself.

But You Know Jenna Loves You Deep Down / Via

Aww, Jenna you're so sweet!

And Lastly, Jenna Knows How To End Every Session Positively / Via

You will never walk away from a session feeling too awful.

Plus She Brings Her Cool Dog To Sessions / Via


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