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Stages Of Having A Little Sister

Wait, there's no return policy on this pink bundle of joy?

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Being Pumped She Was Born

She was so cute as a little babe.
Flickr: bcjag76 / Via

She was so cute as a little babe.

Being Heartbroken She Has To Grow Up / Via

WHAT! She has to grow up, but why? *insert hopeless sobbing*

Being Grateful For A Partner In Crime / Via

Now you have someone to plot trouble with. And to blame if you guys get caught, hehehe.

Being Angry Because She Ratted On You / Via

*insert yelling voice* I AM NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN! EVER!

Being Thankful Because She Did The Right Thing / Via

Even though she got you in trouble she was right to squeal. Sometimes you don't realize how self destructive you can be.

Being A Bad Influence / Via

You're older than her and therefore cooler and wiser. She looks up to you and sometimes that sucks.

Being A Good Influence / Via

Sometimes her big sister is the only person she wants to talk to about a problem. You have the chance to positively influence her. No pressure...

Being Thankful To Be Needed / Via

Being a big sister means having certain obligations. It sucks seeing her sad, but you can't help but swell with pride when she needs you.

Being Appreciative To Have Someone Who Understands / Via

No one but your siblings can actually understand how crazy your mom can get. Your frustration does not fall on deaf ears.

Being Swept Up In Dramatic Moments Together / Via

You indulge each other when one of you is being dramatic. She never judges you for being ridiculous and you accept her misguided rants.

Being Proud Of Her Greatness / Via

Hoo Hoo Hoo. She's so amazing isn't she?

Being Worried About Her / Via

Sometimes she can get a bit crazy. You worry about her and her decisions constantly.

Being Happy To See Her When You Visit Home / Via

You enjoy knowing where your clothes are 24/7, but you do miss her. More than you'll ever admit.

Being Excited To Share Your Life With Her / Via

You always have someone to celebrate your greatest moments with. She's your lifetime cheerleader!

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