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16 Real Life Lessons Scooby Doo And The Gang Taught Us

Scooby Doo is the cartoon that made us laugh, cry, and become paranoid of old houses. But those rotten kids and their dog taught us more than that.

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1. People Can Be Monsters Too / Via

Every "monster" the team foiled turned out to be a person in disguise. HUGE life lesson.

2. Running Away Doesn't Make You Weak / Via

Being brave 24/7 is not possible. Sometimes you need to walk, or run, away from certain situations.

3. Being Smart Is Actually Cool / Via

Typical Velma. Losing her glasses in the process of basically solving every mystery.

4. Don't Piss Off Any Cats / Via

Being on good terms with the cats in your life is one of the most intelligent life choices you can make. Those felines can be vicious.

5. Everything Doesn't Have To Go According To Plan / Via

Rolling with the punches is important to learn because your plans will hardly ever turn out the way you thought.

6. Hard Work Is Always Rewarded / Via

Maybe a Scooby snack isn't your end goal, but when you suck it up and work hard you will get something great in return.

7. Sometimes Shutting Up Is The Best Thing To Do / Via

Mystery solving means having to be quiet every now and then. Life requires the same sometimes, especially with your job.

8. Life Is Seriously Amazing / Via

Don't let the monsters and the mysteries get you down. Life is more than the bad.

9. Personal Expression Is Important / Via

Personal expression is personal so wear whatever the hell you want.

10. Leaning Back In Your Chair Is Dangerous / Via

Leave your chair on all four legs unless you want your entire 9th grade class laughing at you...not that I know from experience.

11. You Should Take Care Of Your Body / Via

Don't go overboard with your unhealthy habits.

12. But A Little Indulgence Isn't Bad

FirstAndMonday animated GIF / Via

You only live once, right?

13. Make Time For Personal Hygiene / Via

Or you'll end up looking like that guy in the wall. Seriously, you will.

14. Be Honest With Your Friends / Via

Sometimes you need to slap some sense into other people, like when they're acting crazy.

15. Loyalty - Do It / Via

Never leave a friend behind. Being a good friend is super important so don't mess it up.

16. Never Be Too Serious / Via

Dance like no one is watching because even if they are they're wishing they could be as fun as you.

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