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12 Signs You Know A Straight Up B*tch

She's so fancy and she definitely knows it.

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1. She loves to act like she has no idea who you are. / Via

You lived in the same dorm for two years and have all the same friends but she introduces herself to you every time you see her. Seriously? I know you know who I am.

2. She's super vain about herself 24/7. / Via

She's the girl who has to look perfect 24/7 which means she is probs judging you in your yoga pants and high ponytail. High maintenance is a good way to describe her.

3. She only has pretty friends. / Via

She refuses to surround herself with anyone who isn't classically beautiful. It's like the adult version of "Mean Girls" for her.

4. She worries about how a guy looks above all other qualities. / Via

His first words to her could be "I'm going to murder you," but if he looks like David Beckham she'll overlook it and make it a point to date him.

5. She wants everything namebrand all the time. / Via

Her pajamas are Burberry because she wouldn't be caught dead in anything less.

6. She purses her lips like all the frickin time. / Via

She looks like she is on the verge of saying something nasty 24/7 because she's thinking something nasty 24/7.

7. She never starts a conversation with you, you must seek her out. / Via

And when she does talk to you she enjoys matching every one thing you say about yourself with two things about her. Just a friendly reminder of her awesomeness.

8. She seems to know something about everyone. / Via

Oh wait, I didn't know you were friends with Bill and Sarah. Did you hear Bill got caught sleeping with Sarah's sister Leslie? And is is true Leslie used to be Larry?

9. She creates drama out of nothing. / Via

She finds a minimum of ten things wrong with everyone she knows. You could be a complete stranger and she could find something snarky to say about you. She just enjoys talking crap.

10. She expects to be treated like a queen. / Via

She's been adored her entire life. It started with her family, then she became the queen bee of high school, and she was the president of her sorority in college. Everyone must answer to her.

11. She doesn't recognize girl or BFF code. / Via

She has a code all her own. It's called "I'm a self-centered b*tch so I can flirt with my BFF's boyfriend and make my friends feel insecure." She has no sense of loyalty at all.

12. She hates sharing the attention. / Via

It might be your birthday but by the end of the night she'll have everyone singing her praises. She doesn't understand why anyone would pay you mind when she's around.

You have 99 problems and they all trace back to her.

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