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12 Gifts For The Working Queen In Your Life

"You better work, cover girl, work it girl, give a twirl" -RuPaul

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1. As if you needed a mug to know she's in charge.


2. Beyonce is probably her daily inspiration.


3. She doesn't need much but coffee is pretty much bae.


4. With a best friend like diamonds women need extra money in the bank.


5. A lovely, lavender eye mask for her lovely little face.


6. Ain't nobody got time for injuries, especially her.


7. For when she's kicking butt outside the office.


8. Important women need important paper for their important notes.


9. A personalized business card holder because people need to know who she is.


10. She needs a passion planner for her busy, passionate life


11. An inspirational book to make her feel all bossy.


12. And lastly, big girls need big glasses...among other things.


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