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    Reasons Why Everyone Should Follow Diplo On Twitter

    Diplo is a social media genius and here is why you should follow him...

    First of all, he is HOT! like CALIENTE HOT! So ladies, if you follow him, you get to see this hotness on a regular basis:

    YUP his hotness definitely earned my follow!

    He is also just super cool and does awesome things all the time.

    How I was wish I was this girl...

    On top of that, he is actually super hilarious...

    He always keeps it real, like ALWAYS…

    He REALLY doesn’t give a F%$& about what anyone thinks either. Which OBVIOUSLY just makes him even more perfect.

    Also, he is the king of the twerk. Which means, he will be posting tweets and instagrams like these…

    And these...

    This is why Diplo should also be followed by guys! Lots of nice butts and clever tweets? Every man should want to have his life! AM I RIGHT?

    Best of all, sometimes he might actually like your tweet!

    He does it quite often, which is so smart of him. Diplo is fully aware that girls want to follow him and continue to tweet him in hopes that one day, MAYBE they'll get that "Diplo just favorited your tweet" notification…. Aka BEST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE

    Maybe he’ll do it more than once and you can be the happiest girl in the whole world!

    And in the end, MAYBE if you twerk hard enough, you can become one of the almost 4,000 people he follows on Twitter and have all your wildest dreams come true.

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