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    10 Signs You've Taken "Frugality" Too Far

    There is no question that being smart about your outgoing expenses is a valuable skill these days. But, let's face it, there are instances where people take things too far. Extreme couponing and the DIY trend (regardless of people's skills) are sweeping our nation and the line between money-saving and money-pinching is getting blurred. Here are 10 signs you may have crossed the line between being frugal and just plain cheap, cheap, cheap.

    1. You Use Your Coffee Grinds up to 4X Before Throwing Them Away

    2. You Ignore Expiration Dates

    3. You Tear a Stick of Gum in Half to Save the Rest for Later

    4. For Halloween, You Go Trick-or-Treating For the Free Candy

    5. You Will Drive Around for Hours to Find the Cheapest Gas Station

    6. You Refuse to Take a Shower For Weeks to Conserve Water & Money

    7. Turn on the TV and Waste Electricity?

    8. You Hoard Items Just 'Cause You Got a 'Good Deal' on Them

    9. Your Name Has Become Synonymous With 'Stingy' and 'Cheap-o!'

    10. You Spend More Energy Trying to Save Money Than Earn Money

    Leading a Healthy Frugal Lifestyle

    Time for an intervention! Which of these have you been guilty of? There are so many other ridiculous and extreme examples of frugality. What is there to add?