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    • JessiMars

      Pretty good article, but I’ll also nitpick- some people DO prefer “it” as a gender neutral singular pronoun. Shaming them in a generally genderqueer-positive article feels a bit counter-productive. Same with “shemale.” Please just let people chose the words that best describe them. Instead, it might be good to have a section noting that some terms are often used as insulting and you should ask before using them (such as “it”, “shemale”, or “tranny”). As an androgyne (solidly between male and female, not transitioning from one to the other), it is very frustrating to me that English doesn’t have any commonly-used third-person gender-neutral pronouns. Most people are familiar with how to use “they”, so I use that. For the grammarians in the audience, please understand that languages must evolve to suit the needs of the people using them; we are not distorting English, just adapting it to our uses.

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