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21 Reasons Gemma Styles Is The British Best Friend We Never Knew We Had

We’ve been head over heels for Harry Styles for quite some time now, but last week, the world was introduced to his gorgeous sister, Gemma. Mista’ Styles caused a ruckus by attending her college graduation at Sheffield Hallam University and it’s time everyone realized how awesome his big sis is.

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20. She's got a heart of gold.

According to Sugarscape, Gemma took it upon herself to set up a Skype chat between a One Direction fan and her brother to fulfill the cancer-stricken girl's dream of meeting Harry. Our thoughts are with those who knew the fan, Kelcey Hallinan, who recently passed away.

21. She’s just a twenty-something-girl trying to be a grown up and what not (she just succeeds at being much cooler at it than the rest of us).

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