20 Reasons We Still Love "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"

It’s been 10 years, but any time How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is playing on TV your day is instantly made and all other tasks are put on hold.

1. It begins with the basic rom-com formula: Funny, pretty, successful woman + Cool, sexy, successful man + New York City backdrop = ROM-COM-GOLD.

2. It has the smoothest, and well, cutest, meet-cute of all meet-cutes.


We totally love the 2013 family-man version of Matthew McConaughey too, but let’s be real: 2003 was a really good year for him. And we’re happy this version has been eternally commemorated in this cinematic classic.*


4. Andie Anderson was the best. You dreamed of having a friend like her who’d bring you cute clothes and free beauty samples when you got dumped.

5. You secretly wanted everything Andie wore (even the tacky stuff) because she always looked so put-together and cool.

No? Just me, then? Okay, disregard this one.

6. Try as you might, you really don’t see the problem with Ben Barry making you fall in love with him. That was going to happen, bet or no bet.

Just ask Mrs. DeLauer.

7. Best Kiss-Cam of all time.

It’s just sooooo cheesy that it’s not.

8. You get to experience extreme secondhand embarrassment through Andie’s insane-girlfriend-borderline-stalker moments. Highlights include but are not limited to:

He said no such thing and was honestly just silently sitting there eating cow food like a really nice guy (who’s trying to win a bet).

9. Taking over his bathroom with a plethora of feminine hygiene products.

Standard thing to do 5 days after meeting a guy.

10. Photoshopping images* of them as children to create a photo album of their future family.

*Images which she had to call his MOTHER to obtain.
(I’m embarrassed just writing this.)

11. Making a copy of Ben’s key & letting herself in on “Boys’ Night”.

…And proceeding to replace pizza with cucumber sandwiches, cry about a dead love fern, and behave like this.

12. And last but not least, naming his penis PRINCESS SOPHIA.

13. Your heart still melts when Andie meets Ben’s family.

14. Like many of the great rom-coms that came before it, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days has a great soundtrack.

*You might now be singing “It feels like hoooooome, to me” as you look at this picture*


If you were a female in the early 2000s, you wanted this dress. Hey, you might be a female in 2013 who still wants this dress, and that’s okay.

16. You’re still waiting for your invite to a party that lends out DIAMONDS as party favors.

Why didn’t this become a thing in the last ten years?

17. This is your favorite version of this song.

Bonus points for you if you sing it like this every time “You’re so Vain” comes on the radio.

18. Tony & Thayer were the best sidekicks…

…until they told Andie it was all a bet and RUINED EVERYTHING.

19. One’s a writer & the other is in advertising. You know they’re going to be good with words.

You are still affected by this scene, although you know better than to give up all hope.

20. In true rom-com fashion, you can expect an over-the-top movie ending that leaves you pleased and overjoyed that these two crazy kids made it work.

My bet’s on them.

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