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20 Animals Who Are Really Loving Life Right Now

The smiling expressions say it all: these guys are having an awesome day.

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1. This little guy clearly has a thing for flowers

2. This happy dog doesn't even let blinding camera flash ruin his day.

3. This munchkin makes being tiny look so fun.

4. So does this slug.

5. This beluga whale needs a booking agent with a megawatt smile like that.

6. This contented cat is definitely not related to Grumpy cat.

7. Who knew bathing in a purple bucket could bring such elation?

8. Let's have a moment for cuddling; these two are.

9. And so are these lions.

10. Even these guys--who are in the middle of a crappy looking field--prioritize good times.

11. This dog waited 364 days for his birthday cookie, so he's going to enjoy every second of it.

12. This hedgehog shows the blissful state that comes with being circular.

13. These owls won't let a nocturnal lifestyle keep them from laughing around the clock. Party down, owls!

14. This young kitten must have just discovered yoga and afternoon naps at the same time.

15. Simultaneously melting hearts while freaking people out is quite a talent for a little bunny.

16. This hamster proves a point: woodchips are crazy fun--period.


18. Let's be honest: have you ever seen a really angry lamb?

19. Or a pissed off sloth?

20. And you might have guessed this, but Quokka is obviously Australian for happy.

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