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    29 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $20 For Your BFF

    🎶 People let me tell you 'bout my best friend 🎶

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A personalized illustrated poster so you can give your BFF all the beautifully-phrased praise that Leslie gave Ann on Parks and Rec.

    2. An adorable succulent pot in the shape of a festive dinosaur (or a sleepy pug, or a self-satisfied alligator, or a sleepy corgi...) for your proud plant parent BFF.

    3. A li'l LED unicorn nightlight, because your love for each other is mythic, even when times are dark.

    4. A bar of lovely-smelling soap that's pretty enough to display, and hard-working enough (it's made with mineral-rich clay as well as coconut, olive, and palm oils) to soothe your favorite person's skin.

    5. A movie-themed cupcake-making kit to add some panache to your Netflix nights.

    6. A set of enamel pins, because you two go together like Bob Ross and happy little trees.

    7. The One Line a Day journal, which has space to write — you guessed it! — one line a day (for five years!), to encourage your life mate to create a chronicle of their own life.

    8. A huggable bread plush that says, "You always make my spirits rise and I loaf you."

    9. A pair of very hungry socks for your friend who's always hungry (and who is also a beautiful butterfly).

    10. A carbonated, exfoliating face mask that's great for their skin (its ingredients include green tea, pomegranate, and charcoal powder) and even better for both of your "best friends doing masks together!!!!!!!" Instagrams.

    11. An encouraging mug to remind your best chum that you think they're fiercely amazing.

    12. A cozy hot water bottle (with its own turtleneck!) they can cuddle up with when they need a warm hug — and you're not around, of course.

    13. A kale-growing kit (including seeds and a jute bag where you can start the seeds before transferring the whole bag to a pot or the ground) to let them know that you support their efforts to eat more kale.

    14. A Broad City sticker pack so the Abbi to your Ilana can always have the coolest laptop.

    15. A skin salve made with beeswax, castor seed oil, and fruit and plant extracts to give their skin and lips a soothing, moisturizing treat (and to remind them that they, too, are the

    16. A pair of pixelated shades for the bestie who sends you memes all day. Oh, you don't like them? DEAL WITH IT.

    17. A set of two enamel pins you can share with your favorite broom-mate.

    18. A pair of dino skeleton earrings, because your friendship, much like a fossil, will last for millions of years, probably.

    19. A set of four silicone egg poaching molds so they can create the perfect brunch at home for much less cash (and hopefully invite their very best friend in the world).

    20. A set of ten complimentary pencils to remind them that you think they're — to quote a wise pencil — straight-up magic.

    21. Ultimate Travel, a book of Loney Planet's 500 best places to see, to give them some inspiration for your next trip together.

    22. A bottle of salted honey for the perfect mix of salty and sweet (just like them).

    23. A mini power bank that adds roughly a full charge to an iPhone or an Android so they'll never have an excuse not to respond immediately to your hilarious texts.

    24. A door-key-chain to make your favorite dorky (GET IT?) pun lover giggle every time they see it.

    25. A headphone splitter so they can create a two-person media bubble wherever they are (with or without you...but mostly with you).

    26. A bundle of Palo Santo incense (which is used for energy cleansing, similar to sage), a healing crystal, and dried flowers to give your spiritually evolved bestie the gift of good vibes.

    27. A five-pound bag of the world's best gummy bears (according to BuzzFeed commenters and also the brand's slogan), because your best deserves the best.

    28. A set of friendship pins portraying the greatest friend-love story of our time: Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

    29. A sweet card, because Friends are the truest lobsters of all.

    Is this going to be the best Valentine's Day ever, or what??

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