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    22 Products On Amazon That'll Make Perfect Gifts

    A gratitude planner, a travel telescope, a super-cozy robe, and nineteen other products on Amazon that will sort out your holiday gifting.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Amazon has a list of its "Most Gifted" products, so you can creep on the gift ideas of other users everywhere (or, you know, use them as inspiration for your own gifting needs).

    Here are some of the coolest products from that list this week:

    1. A men's skincare gift set, which could ~gently~ encourage good habits.

    The set includes shave cream, aftershave, body wash, hand salve and lip balm.

    Promising review: "Got this for my dad and was pleasantly surprised. My dad is someone who is particular about his facial products and appreciates finer products. First of all, the packaging for this was straight up beautiful. It came in a large yellow tin with their logo and little bees on the side. It had paper shred things as a filler and I was pleased by the thought put into it. The products were wonderful and smelled fantastic. Excellent gift, and I would recommend it for someone who says they don't need anything because everyone loves some fancy new products." β€”Emily E.

    Get it for $25.

    2. A magical neck pillow, for frequent travelers who just want some damn sleep.

    Promising review: "After I first used my Trtl travel pillow, I declared it to be one of the great travel inventions of the 21st century. Having used it on four more flights, I stand by my original declaration. The Trtl is not only light weight and super soft, it works like no other travel pillow I've tried β€” and believe me, I've tried them all. It supports my neck at an extremely comfortable angle and keeps my head and neck swaddled in comfort. I travel a lot for both work and pleasure and I will never take another trip without my beloved Trtl. I've now purchased seven of them, an extra for me and six as gifts for my friends and family who travel. There should be an extra star...just for this great product!" β€”Candace Karu

    Get it for $29.99 (available in black or grey).

    3. A foot mask, or: the gift of baby-soft tootsies (and plenty of satisfyingly peeling skin)., Natalee / Via

    Promising review: "I never write product reviews but it was definitely necessary for this product. It works!!!!! I get regular pedicures but my feet always look dry and calloused just days afterwards. With one Baby Foot application, I was able to remove years of dead skin. It is a process and the peeling can be an inconvenience over the course of 7-10 days but it is worth it for the results. I still have some small areas where the skin is still rough so I will do it again but during boot season so I don't have to display the peeling process like I did during sandal season." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it for $18.99.

    4. A planner and gratitude journal, the perfect way to give them a jump on their New Year's resolutions., Amazon Customer / Via

    Promising review: "I am a huge fan of yearly planners. I love to stay organized but I have a hard time remaining positive in my environment. HOWEVER.... I found this planner on Amazon and I ordered it RIGHT AWAY! There is a TED talk that talks about cultivating positivity through exercises like this. Taking time to write about what you are grateful / excited for changes your whole life. This is my word to anyone considering this book. If you are depressed (like I was), apathetic (like I was), and just not living to your potential BUY THIS BOOK! Immediately DAY ONE I used it I made more sales that day than the whole prior month. I was SUPER motivated, I kept looking at it to not only take care of my tasks but to continuously see that positivity. I could go ON AND ON about this planner. Please trust my word on this one. This is the best thing you can do for your mental and physical health that is drug free and works immediately!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it for $26.97

    5. A book that Hamilfans β€” whether they've managed to score tickets or not β€” won't know how to say no to.

    Amazon Customer / Via

    Promising review: "I recently became obsessed with Hamilton, and this book is amazing. I've been trying to take it in pieces, rather than gobbling it up in one sitting, but it's difficult. The behind-the-scenes pictures are wonderful, and they give you real insight into the play if you haven't been able to see it live. Lin-Manuel Miranda's commentary on the libretto is probably my favorite part. I listen to the songs now and laugh to myself now that I get his thoughts behind some of the jokes-that-you-don't-realize-are-jokes." β€”Bethany Burke

    Get it for $23.87.

    6. A travel telescope, for budding astronomers of all ages., Phill / Via

    Promising review: "This scope is perfect for someone interested in beginning an astronomy interest. Great bang for the buck. Well made with a real metal tube and good glass objective lens. Other parts are plastic however and could use some refinement but for the price it is a real bargain. The tripod is a bit flimsy but it does serve the purpose. Great grab and go scope for anyone." β€”John A Suscavage

    Get it for $59.99.

    7. A bag of ultra-strong coffee to satisfy even your most caffeine-inured loved one.

    Promising review: "I could not say enough good things about this coffee!!! I served in the military for 18 years, so i am used to drinking strong coffee that your spoon will stand up in. Then i got out of the service. I had since then been trying to find a good strong coffee that did not upset my GERD. No such luck. Other coffees say they are strong but they make you jittery or just dont live up to the word strong (just in bitterness) I started drinking Valhalla Odin force. WOW!!!! My energy is increased 100%, i am not jittery, i am not sick to my stomach, its not bitter. It as an amazing aroma, smooth flavor, and it even improves my mood. I need to invest in stock for Odin Force Blend. Great product Death Wish Coffee." β€”Carrie L.

    Get a 12 ounce bag for $15.99.

    8. A massage stick that will make athletes and anyone else with knotted muscles weep with joy (and maybe a little bit with pain).

    Promising review: "I ordered it because a friend recommended it and I'm so happy I did. I had a THR (total hip replacement) four weeks ago and have been using the roller for the last two weeks to help with my recovery. It really massages and stretches the muscles and it feels great! I highly recommend this roller and for the price you can't beat it!!" β€”Carla Elliott

    Get it for $10.99.

    9. A film and slide scanner, to easily digitize their precious analog memories.

    Promising review: "This thing is GREAT. If you have slides or negatives it does a fine job. Make sure you do lots of blowing off everything while you do it. You can sit in your living room and watch movies while you use this because it is stand alone using a SD card to store images. I am sure there are more impressive scanners out there but this one is very nice quality, small, fast, and does not need a computer to work. (I think you can use it as a USB device.) It actually is not a scanner β€” it takes pictures of your media with a light box behind them. This is as good as services where you drop off your negatives. Well worth the cost and when you are done with it you can gift it to a family member to encourage them to post more family memories!" β€”Melanie

    Get it for $119.99.

    10. A mega-cozy, fleecy robe, which will embrace them when you can't.

    Installer / Via,

    Promising review: "This robe is awesome! Super soft. Love the hood. It is about an inch longer than I would like. It lays on the top of my foot instead of at the ankle. I am 5'6" and I got the large/extra-large. The sleeves and other areas fit well. Just me being short. Again, I absolutely love this robe." β€”Installer

    Get it for $54.99 and up (available in sizes S–4XL, in 21 colors).

    11. A sound machine, to give your favorite insomniac the gift of untroubled slumber.

    Cosmos / Via

    Promising review: "If you are a new parent of a baby who just won't sleep or wakes up super easily, BUY THIS NOW. If you live by a freeway in a noisy neighborhood, have a partner who snores (or thin walls and your roomie snores), HIT ADD IN CART NOW! Seriously life changing. I have this tuning 24/7 in my toddlers room and has been that way for at least two years. Quality product that does the job and then some. I was skeptical at first but was so tired of getting my baby to sleep to have the postman ring the door bell and the dog bark and it was back to square one. This is a life saver! I wish I had this the day I brought him home from the hospital. It's not so obnoxiously loud that I can't hear him crying, but loud enough to where my husband and I can actually watch some TV in our small home with out waking him or keeping the volume at like 6. I can only say good things about this sound machine. Love love love, would give 10 stars if I could." β€”Alyssa Arnoldus

    Get it for $42.49 (available in three colors).

    12. A bottle of toilet spray, AKA the perfect passive-aggressive gift for your roommate.

    Promising review: "My sister introduced me to this product and I was skeptical, at first, but it absolutely does what it says β€” cuts down on bathroom odors. It works so well, that we carry a small bottle with us when we travel or visit family and friends. Anyone with a basic knowledge of science knows that oil floats on water and creates a barrier, so natural plant oils will do the same thing β€” especially the fragrant oils of flowers, etc. And that's why it works so well creating a barrier between your nose and those awful toilet smells. I recommend a bottle for every bathroom and a back-up bottle or refill, just in case!" β€”DMC

    Get it for $10.99.

    13. A wine aerator, to make even their cheapo bottles totally drinkable.

    Promising review: "This is one of the products that winds up being so far beyond expectations it's hard to imagine every wine drinker doesn't already own one! Not only is it sleek and conveniently small but it completely changes the taste of red wine immediately after using it. I'm not a person who likes gimmicky objects so I decided to try this for myself by pouring a glass of wine out of bottle I'd just opened and then poured another glass through the aerator to taste side-by-side. I was with a few people and all of us agreed that the aerated wine was noticeably more flavorful, enjoyable and far better than the non-aerated glass. I will never go without one of these again." β€”DG

    Get it for $19.49.

    14. A folding laptop table to facilitate bed-working, couch-eating, and standing-desking.

    Mimi / Via

    Promising review: "Amazing. I've been looking for a lap desk for months, one that has a lip to hold a laptop, swiveled and of sturdy construction. Although the top isn't the wood I was looking for originally, the legs are sturdy, easy to use and amazing. Folds down, making it easy to store as well. Lip also comes off if you aren't looking for that feature. You can raise and drop the height, and swivel the angles making it a comfortable and easy to use desk." β€”orlavaguy

    Read our full review of this laptop stand here!

    Get it for $27.40 and up (available in two colors).

    15. A balancing game for all ages (and levels of dexterity)., Jan B / Via

    Promising review: "This game absolutely wins the 'Best Holiday Game' award. It is a game that both children and adults can play together. Definitely a game that is fun and challenging, but not so difficult that young kids can't play along with the adults." β€”Jan B

    Get it for $11.55.

    16. A learn-to-sew kit, to encourage crafty kiddos to ~make it work~.

    The kit includes 28 felt shapes, embroidery floss, stuffing, fabric, ric rac, scissors, measuring tape, pins, needles, thimble, pin cushion, six buttons, and a pom pom strip.

    Promising review: "We purchased this for our seven-year-old daughter for Christmas last year. It is a wonderful starter kit for a child who wants to learn how to sew. It comes with projects, fabric, thread, etc. The case is sturdy and will last her a long while. I helped her with the first project: how to thread the needle, how to make basic stitches, how to follow the project. Then she took off and did all the rest herself. Now she makes little pillows on her own, as gifts. She finds material and saves it to use for sewing projects that she makes up herself!" β€”A. Weesner

    Get it for $21.24.

    17. A car-bage can, the ultimate practical gift for drivers.

    Promising review: "Oh my gosh. This is amazing. I should have bought in this years ago. I'm a mother of three boys and my car gets so much garbage. On our last long road trip this made everything so much easier to have a structured designated garbage space. Will be buying for my mother my sisters my in-laws and everyone else I know whose car collects garbage" β€”Ecamo

    Get it for $12.99.

    18. An innovative brownie pan that edge-lovers and centrists alike will love.

    Promising review: "I bought this for my mom as a birthday gift because she likes the edges of the brownies much better. I personally prefer the warm, chewy center, and try to avoid the edges as much as I can. The first time we used it, we were quite surprised by the results. We both agreed that they were the best brownies we'd ever had. This pan cooks food very uniformly, so there's no letting the edges dry out while waiting for the center to stop being liquid-y, and the better heat distribution means that it takes less time to bake. The brownies were chewy and dense, and the best description of them might be to say that the consistency was somewhere between brownies and fudge." β€”Nix

    Get it for $35.95.

    19. Waterproof travel bags, to keep your favorite globetrotter's shoes quarantined and their clothes pristine., DeniceAZ / Via

    Promising review: "MUCH better than using plastic bags. These can go in with your clothes without getting anything nasty on your nicely folded things. Large enough for my husband's HUGE shoes too! Perfect for the gym and traveling!" β€”TAMARA BUZ

    Get a set of four for $9.50.

    20. A pretty picture frame (preferably filled with a picture of the two of you).

    Promising review: "My girlfriend made a small illustration that fit right into this frame. It looked AMAZING. The frame was easy to take apart to install the art, and it really heightened the piece. Beautiful color. Looks great on a desk, or ANYWHERE." β€”Scotty Lingner

    Get it for $14.99 and up (available in four sizes and four colors).

    21. A bamboo tub tray, because Netflix and soak > Netflix and chill.

    Amy Harrison / Via

    Promising review: "I kept injuring my neck because I wanted to read/play games on my computer while soaking in the bath. I had been placing the computer on a stool next to the tub and twisting my body to use it. Finally I got fed up and remembered I wanted to get something like this product. It needed to be strong enough to not only safely support my computer, but to support the weight I apply to my arms when I am using my computer. (My computer is a 17' laptop.) I have been using this one for a good three months now and there is no question in my mind that it is still structurally sound! :-) I am SO happy that I bought it! My relaxing baths have become even more decadent!" β€”Mistress Collette

    Get it for $22.99.

    22. An all-in-one avocado gadget that splits, pits, slices, and basically streamlines the whole avocado-toast process.

    Promising review: "I usually avoid buying one use kitchen products but we eat avocados all the time so I finally gave in. This tool is amazing! I am mad I waited this long to buy it. The cutter and pitter work great β€” the slicer works wonderfully about 80% of the time (when it's overripe it is hard to slice). The tool is really thin so it fits well in my small appliance drawer and it washes really easily. If you eat a lot of avocados do not hesitate to buy this tool β€” it's worth every single penny." β€”CaraDawn

    Read our full review of this little beauty here!

    Get it for $9.99.

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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