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    26 Pieces Of Home Decor Under $50 That Look Expensive

    For people with Restoration Hardware taste on an Ace Hardware budget.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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    1. A simple end table with a cool pop of color.


    Turquoise hairpin legs for days.

    Get it at Walmart for $49.

    2. An Eames-style chair with an easy price tag.

    These are the red chair-y on top of a furniture sundae.

    Get it at Walmart for $39.19.

    3. A mixed-media table lamp with a cool, industrial feel.

    Hot tip: Children's stores have excellent lamp selections.

    Get it at Pottery Barn Kids for $33.99.

    4. A medallion-printed rug, because you deserve a medallion.

    Come join me on the mindfulness rug.

    Get a 3x5 rug at Urban Outfitters for $29.99.

    5. A shabby-chic mirror fit for a French country cottage.

    Feel free to tell people that you unearthed it in a Parisian antique store.

    Get it at Walmart for $22.99.

    6. A quilt that's equal parts modern and homey.

    This might be the perfect summer quilt.

    Get a queen-size quilt at Walmart for $44.14.

    7. An ~invisible~ bookshelf that you don't have to be too (witch)crafty to install.

    Witches and books both float. Coincidence?

    Get it at Urban Outfitters for $16.

    8. A striped rug that will give your room a "fancy beach house" feel.

    My other car is a dolphin.

    Get it at Urban Outfitters from $14.99.

    9. An ombré vase that will make even supermarket bouquets look prettier.

    This is a good ombré.

    Get it at Walmart for $6.86.

    10. Sequined throw pillows, because disco never died, it's just been chilling on your couch.

    Le seq, c'est chic.

    Get it at Walmart in multiple colors for $9.94.

    11. A framed print of alpacas, because alpacas are llamas' fancy cousins.

    Cat Coquillette / Via

    Both art and alpacas are good investments.

    Get it at Society6 for $40.

    12. Which is fancier: an alpaca or a golden llama? This lamp aims to find out.

    I will admit it: This rivalry is invented.

    Get it at World Market for $20 (lampshade not included).

    13. A pedestal table that belongs on a pedestal.

    This tables screams, "Take me home and put a vase of hydrangeas on me!"

    Get it at Walmart in multiple colors from $28.90.

    14. A cement wastebasket that will transform your garbage into gar-bahge.

    This would also make a pretty good planter, tbh.

    Get it at Walmart for $23.88.

    15. A faux fur throw for luxury hygge.

    This looks like a yeti's pelt and I'm not mad at it.

    Get it at Walmart for $37.99.

    16. A hanging terrarium kit, for the perfect start to your Instagram-worthy air plant collection.

    I like my plants like I like my snowstorms: in a glass orb.

    Get it at Jet for $17.98.

    **New Jet customers receive 15% off their first three orders over $35 with the promo code SAVE15**

    17. Wire storage baskets that are an aesthetically pleasing way to get your shit together.

    Complete with tiny chalkboards labels.

    Get it at Walmart for $7.47.

    18. A bold rug that looks like you picked it up during your extensive world travels.

    You're so rugged.

    Get the 3x5 rug at Walmart for $36.39.

    19. A desk lamp with a seriously Scandinavian vibe.

    Will this lamp inspire you to embrace a capsule wardrobe and breakfast on gravlax? Only time will tell!

    Get it on Amazon in multiple colors from $26.99.

    20. A textured pillow with a low-key bohemian feel.

    I have macramania.

    Get it at Walmart for $17.99.

    21. A marble mirror perfect for anyone with villa tastes on a converted-studio-with-two-roommates budget.

    You're so vein, I bet you think this marble's about you.

    Get it at Walmart for $19.17.

    22. Marble-printed curtains would really complete the look.

    You'll never be in danger of losing your marbles again.

    Get it at Walmart from $16.97.

    23. A geometric jewelry stand that will turn your unworn necklaces into home accents.

    Imprism your baubles.

    Get it on Amazon for $19.62.

    24. A crystal carafe-and-glass set to keep on your bedside table.

    Hydration has never felt so fancy.

    Get it at Walmart for $14.98.

    25. Ceramic dachshund bookends, which are both elegant and completely adorable.

    Release the hounds!

    Get it at Jet for $29.99.

    26. A gold table lamp for when your style is both baroque, but in, like, a chill way.

    A lamp for queen bees.

    Price: $39 at Walmart

    Make your home your happy palace.

    Columbia / Via