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    26 Pieces Of Home Decor Under $50 That Look Expensive

    For people with Restoration Hardware taste on an Ace Hardware budget.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A simple end table with a cool pop of color.

    2. An Eames-style chair with an easy price tag.

    3. A mixed-media table lamp with a cool, industrial feel.

    4. A medallion-printed rug, because you deserve a medallion.

    5. A shabby-chic mirror fit for a French country cottage.

    6. A quilt that's equal parts modern and homey.

    7. An ~invisible~ bookshelf that you don't have to be too (witch)crafty to install.

    8. A striped rug that will give your room a "fancy beach house" feel.

    9. An ombré vase that will make even supermarket bouquets look prettier.

    10. Sequined throw pillows, because disco never died, it's just been chilling on your couch.

    11. A framed print of alpacas, because alpacas are llamas' fancy cousins.

    12. Which is fancier: an alpaca or a golden llama? This lamp aims to find out.

    13. A pedestal table that belongs on a pedestal.

    14. A cement wastebasket that will transform your garbage into gar-bahge.

    15. A faux fur throw for luxury hygge.

    16. A hanging terrarium kit, for the perfect start to your Instagram-worthy air plant collection.

    17. Wire storage baskets that are an aesthetically pleasing way to get your shit together.

    18. A bold rug that looks like you picked it up during your extensive world travels.

    19. A desk lamp with a seriously Scandinavian vibe.

    20. A textured pillow with a low-key bohemian feel.

    21. A marble mirror perfect for anyone with villa tastes on a converted-studio-with-two-roommates budget.

    22. Marble-printed curtains would really complete the look.

    23. A geometric jewelry stand that will turn your unworn necklaces into home accents.

    24. A crystal carafe-and-glass set to keep on your bedside table.

    25. Ceramic dachshund bookends, which are both elegant and completely adorable.

    26. A gold table lamp for when your style is both baroque, but in, like, a chill way.

    Make your home your happy palace.