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    29 Gifts Your Whole Family Will Love

    Togetherness encouraged!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Roku streaming stick, which will give the whole family enough streaming content that surely they'll be able to agree on something to watch.

    Just plug the Roku into the TV, and you can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, and tons of other streaming and rental services on one device, no cable required.

    Promising review: "I love my Roku and I'm kicking myself for not buying it sooner! The stick is small and can be hooked up to almost any TV — ours is probably 5–6 years old and it works just fine with it. Easy to use and setup. Love that I was able to download my Netflix, Hulu, and Prime all in one area so I can switch back and forth easily. Also love that we can take it on vacation with us! I'm thinking this will be a great gift to some of my family too!" —sjobabe86

    Get it from Amazon for $39.23 or from Jet for $39.98.

    2. A scratch-off map to give everyone a visual record of their globe-trotting.

    The map is 33¼ x 23½ inches, and they can scratch off the countries they've visited (because as everyone knows, bragging is an integral part of travel).

    Promising review: "Great gift for a traveler! I bought this for a relative who travels frequently. She loved it. It would be great framed. The countries are marked for easy scratching." —knightrider

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    3. A stovetop popcorn popper for family movie nights — or TV afternoons, game evenings, homework mornings... popcorn is good literally any time.

    Just turn the crank and three minutes later — the delicious popcorn of yore, for the whole family!

    Promising review: "The Whirley Pop popcorn maker makes terrific popcorn. I consider myself a popcorn aficionado and my family enjoys popcorn three times a week. Virtually all the kernels pop every time, and the corn pops nicely. It is easy to clean and fast. The end result is popcorn that is much healthier and better tasting then the typical microwave variety. With this, you can control the flavoring and the seasoning — with microwave popcorn, you are stuck with that heavily processed taste. I expect it will last for many years. Well deserved 5 stars." —Npcoach

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three colors) or from Jet for $25.98.

    4. Or cut out the middleman and just get them a tin of multi-flavored popcorn (which flavor everyone fights over may vary by family).

    Three-flavor tins include butter, cheese, and caramel popcorn, and four-flavor tins include butter, cheese, and caramel, as well as colored kettle corn.

    My family used to get one of these every year from my piano teacher, and I must say, it's a surprisingly exciting gift.

    Get a tin from The Popcorn Factory for $34.99+ (available in 2-, 3½-, and 6½-gallon sizes, with either three or four popcorn flavors).

    5. A programmable coffee maker to put an end to coffee-related family feuds once and for all.

    You can program you brew time up to 24 hours in advance, so the whole family can wake up to fresh coffee, which will put everyone in a better mood.

    Promising review: "When our Keurig started acting up, my husband and I decided to switch to a conventional coffee pot. After doing lots of research, we decided to give this machine a try. We are so glad that we did! This coffee machine is super easy to use and looks so clean and modern when it sits on the kitchen counter. The coffee that it brews also takes great and very fresh! I have it programmed to make a pot every morning at 5:40 am. It’s so nice to come downstairs to a fresh brewed pot of coffee! This coffee pot is a life changer!" —Teresa T.

    Get it from Amazon for $45 or from Jet for $49.79.

    6. A candy subscription box for a sweet gift that keeps on arriving.

    The basic Candy Club plan will give you a box of different three curated candies (up to 3 pounds total) every month. The box could include anything from chocolate to sour straws to old-fashioned candies, so it's perfect for a family with varied candy preferences. Check out the full selection of candy here.

    Get it from Candy Club for $21.99+/month (available in three, six, and twelve-month plans).

    7. Or a box of the world's most delicious pears for families that prefer nature's candy.

    Harry & David / Via

    I am highly biased in favor of these pears. My uncle sent us a box of them every Christmas when I was growing up, and they are still the best pears I've ever tasted. 10/10, would drool again.

    Get a 5-pound box of pears from Harry & David for $29.99.

    8. A game of espionage that will bring the whole family together (even as it tears them apart).

    Two teams have to compete to figure out the assigned code names of everyone on their teams, while avoiding guessing the names of the other team's agents.

    Promising review: "Our new favorite party game. Great for adults and children alike. The game is so simple in concept that it is easy to adapt to people of all sorts, including children. There really is a lot of skill in coming up with clues that not only match what you see, but match what you think your partner(s) will see. Just a great, great game. It has finally usurped Dominion as the crowd pleaser in my group." —Stephen M. Vakil

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 or from Jet for $14.88.

    9. A subscription to Audible to encourage book consumption and make family car rides more exciting.

    audible_com / Via

    A subscription will get you one audiobook a month (which you can keep on your devices forever) as well as 30% off additional books. You can also switch between devices.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95/month.

    10. An ice cream/frozen yogurt maker to solve a problem that plagues every family: Someone forgot to buy ice cream.

    This baby will make you a quart and a half of ice cream in 20 minutes. Not toooooo shabby.

    Promising review: "My daughter and I love this machine!!!!!!!!! We have made ice creams and sherbets. We are still experimenting but we are eager to try more new recipes. It is a bit loud when its mixing, but it only takes about 15-30 minutes, and then you can literally eat your ice cream right away. Not a bad payoff. It's also easy to clean — the frozen piece I hand-wash and put right back into the freezer so it is always ready for when we want to make more ice cream, the other two pieces are dishwasher-safe." —Tizzle

    Get it from Amazon for $42.92+ (available in four colors) or from Jet for $42.08 (available in three colors).

    11. An Amazon Echo, the hands-free speaker (let's be honest: robot assistant) that will become an indispensable member of the family in no time.

    You control the Echo with your voice, can ask it to play music, set a timer, tell you the weather, add to your shopping list, and all kinds of other cool future stuff.

    Promising review: "This device has literally changed my life! No exaggeration. I’m a very eccentric, often chaotic and busy middle-aged gal. So to be able to have the Echo as my own personal assistant — and personal DJ — has been fantastic!" —Julie

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99 (available in seven finishes).

    12. An outdoor bocce ball set, because no matter where your family lives, it will be warm again eventually.

    For the unacquainted, bocce is a lawn game in which players compete to throw heavy balls close to a smaller, lighter ball. (Intentionally dry description notwithstanding, I love this game.)

    Promising review: "Great set! I love the case it comes in — everything nestles snugly inside, including all nine balls and the instructions. We love playing bocce ball, and really like this set. The case itself is nicely made — the handles are sewn in well and are very secure, and the zipper closes everything up. The balls are a perfect weight and also well made, The colors are really vibrant, and they just need a quick wipe down with a wet towel when you're finished playing to make them look brand new again." —NYBookLover

    Get it from Amazon for $35.44.

    13. A set of matching pajamas for a family of Star Wars fans.

    TBH I will buy anything that gets me closer to being this Target stock family.

    Get them at Target in men's, women's, and children's sizes for $15, and toddler sizes for $12.

    14. A gift card to GlobalGiving, so they can choose a charity to donate to as a family.

    GlobalGiving is a nonprofit that helps donors give to vetted charities — ranging from disaster relief to women's education to animal rights — in 170 countries.

    Get it from GlobalGiving in any dollar amount.

    15. Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders, a book full of amazing facts and photos to spark the whole family's imagination — and wanderlust.

    Promising review: "Great book. Hate to put it down, but love to pick it up and continue reading anywhere in the book. There are about five bookmarks in it from different family members. That should tell you something." —amazon4me

    Get it from Amazon for $21, from Barnes & Noble for $22.12, or from a local bookseller through IndieBound here.

    16. An escape room subscription box for a family game night they won't want to escape.

    Every box includes a new escape mission and all the puzzles, ciphers, and tools to solve it. A box ships every two months.

    Promising review: "My puzzle hunt obsessed 10-year-old son enjoyed his first Escape the Crate box more than I could have possibly hoped. He says, 'I wish I could hug whoever thought to make these and then did!' The set-up was genius, the materials nicely done, and the website extras and hints just right. This would be great to do as a family or with friends as a game night. We CANNOT WAIT for our next box to arrive. This is the perfect escape room/puzzle hunt experience." —Rachel

    Get it from Cratejoy for $29.99/box.

    17. A monogrammed mug for every family member, which might even help parents call their kids by the right names for once.

    That fringe benefit doesn't apply to J-heavy families like mine, but the mugs are still very cute.

    Get them from Anthropologie for $5.60 each.

    18. A Harry Potter boxed set, because every family needs a little magic.

    PSA: if you or someone you love has not read Harry Potter.

    Promising review: "I am a 47-year-old professional and a very avid reader. What makes the Harry Potter books so remarkable and enjoyable is that they capture the imagination of all ages. We thoroughly enjoy discussing our favorite scenes, characters, names and places. It is a rare experience when you can be reading a book that you know will be a classic for decades to come. Everyone who enjoys reading will LOVE these books." —A. Einhorn

    Get it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $52.15+, or from a local bookseller through IndieBound here.

    19. A set of cards with suggestions for family activities, or: the gift of (higher) quality time.,

    With suggestions including a holding a spontaneous family drawing competition, creating a time capsule, and staging a interview for your dream jobs, these cards might actually convince everyone to step away from the screens.

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $25.

    20. A suitcase turntable that will be the perfect addition to the home of a musical family.

    Or a vintage-obsessed family, though tbh there's probably a lot of overlap in that Venn diagram. (It's also Bluetooth enabled and has built-in speakers, so you get some modern convenience with your retro style.)

    Promising review: "I'll be honest — I really bought this as decor and to play the fun records I have on vinyl every now and then, but I have been pleasantly surprised by how much our family has enjoyed this record player! For what I paid for it I am thrilled with the purchase. If you are looking for something to look cool in your living room and play some fun records or even use the bluetooth feature, this is the record player for you!" —bmg8

    Get it from Amazon for $49.95 (available in 18 colors).

    21. A tote bag containing the makings of a perfect pancake breakfast.

    A cute tote full of pancake mix and Maine maple syrup is the perfect recipe for New England idyll — just add snow!

    Promising review: "This bag is the perfect gift for anyone! The bag is adorable and durable, and the pancake mix and syrup are simply delicious!" —CT3543

    Get it from L.L. Bean for $34.95.

    22. A durable inflatable sled to enable years of winter adventures (that's big enough for adults to ride, too).

    Promising review: "We LOVE our L.L. Bean Sonic Snow Tubes. We have hilly acreage in South Central Alaska with several dedicated hills for sledding. The only problem we have had was not having enough of them to go around. All our other sleds and disks have been ditched by the kids and adults for the Sonic Snow Tubes. They are very durable and store well during the summer. We have owned our first one for about ten years with no problem. We string them together and use a snowmobile to get them back up the hill. Tip: A little ski wax on the bottom makes them even faster!" —PapaTata

    Get it from L.L. Bean for $115+ (available in regular and extra-large sizes, in four patterns).

    23. A Squatty Potty, which will get everyone out of the dang bathroom in record time.

    To address your comments, I am NOT paid to endorse. I CHOOSE to endorse it, because I care about your digestive health. Also, for a family with more people than they have bathrooms, this thing is a great gift.

    If you're new here, a Squatty Potty is a little stool that wraps around the base of your toilet and gets your body in a more natural position for pooping.

    Promising review: "I dont know what to do with all the extra time I save now that I poop faster. I think I may take up cross-stitching." —Andie Pierce

    Get it from Amazon or Jet for $24.99.

    24. A karaoke machine to add a little Partridge to any family.

    You can use karaoke CDs and hook the machine up to your TV to see the lyrics (or just call them up on YouTube for a more freewheelin' jam sesh).

    Promising review: "This is the best investment for family night! Kids and adults will be singing along to their favorite songs & it gets you up off the couch and dancing. You can connect it with Youtube for even more karaoke fun! It looks cool too with it's little light show on the front. A great idea for birthday party fun as well." —SolLuna Girl

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99 or from Jet for $49.97.

    25. BuzzFeed's Tasty One Top so the whole family — culinary prowess notwithstanding — can make flawless Tasty recipes.

    The One Top is a smart induction cooktop that can be used to sous vide, deep-fry, pan-fry, stir-fry, grill, simmer, saute, slow cook, sear, or poach, and which also can sync to your smartphone or device to handhold even the most kitchen-ignorant. Just download the Tasty App, and the One Top will automatically adjust temperature and power settings for the recipe you're using.

    Get it from BuzzFeed's Tasty shop for $149.

    PSST! BuzzFeed makes money if you buy this.

    26. An adorable llama doormat to welcome everyone home.

    This might be the only doormat in the world that could get a whole family excited about a doormat.

    Promising review: "Placed this at our garage door. It's the first thing we see when returning home. Puts smiles on our faces" —Zen mama

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $32.

    27. A super-cozy blanket the whole family will want to curl up under.

    Hygge is a family affair.

    Promising review: "This blanket is incredibly soft and may be the nicest blanket I have ever purchased. The blanket feels well made and even comes with a manufacturer's warranty. It is my daughter's favorite blanket and will likely be a scarce resource as winter is coming." —Bradley Hansen

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in two sizes and four colors).

    28. A set of triceratops taco holders to make boring taco nights extinct.

    Taco nights are already great, but what if...they could be greater?

    Promising review: "This is by far the most magnificent item I have ever purchased from Amazon. I bought it as a gift for my sister, and the night I gave it to her we had tacos for her birthday dinner. While the rest of my family and I struggled to make room on our plates for both our nachos and tacos, my sister did not have to sacrifice room for either. Her TriceraTaco stood majestically, holding up her tacos as the chips and cheese beautifully filled up the space around it. Such a thing had never been seen in my household. We all stood by, filled with hidden jealousy. We pretended that we were too mature to care, but secretly we each promised ourselves that one day, we too would be the proud owners of such a tremendous item." —Emily

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $14.95.

    29. And — I will never stop saying it — socks! Socks for everyone!

    What's cuter than a family in matching socks?

    Get them from Happy Socks in adult sizes for $12 or kid sizes for $8.

    Happy holidays, fam!

    Fox / Via

    Some reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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