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10 Disney Characters To Inspire Your Job Search

Being in between jobs can be hard, but you don't have to face unemployment alone! Channel these Disney characters and you'll get there in the end!

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Keeping yourself financially stable

Sometimes you'll have to do jobs you don't really want to do just to keep yourself afloat. That doesn't mean you'll be stuck doing it forever. Who knows what's around the corner; your dream job, prince charming, a carriage made from a pumpkin?

Terms and conditions apply / Via

That great opportunity might not be what you originally thought. Make sure you read each job description carefully and research the company in advance. God forbid you accidentally sign away your life under the sea like Ariel!

Being prepared / Via

Scar should have practised what he preached! He certainly wasn't prepared for his nephew to stroll back up to Pride Rock and call him out for being an awful dictator. Make sure you're always prepared for competition.

Learning from your mistakes (not running from them!) / Via

Sometimes job interviews don't always go to plan, but that's ok! You can't win them all. If you're unsuccessful during the application process ask for feedback.

Landing your dream job / Via

Once you've landed your dream job you'll work harder than all of Snow White's seven dwarfs put together! Give yourself a pat on the back, you and your Disney alter egos deserve it!

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