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16 Things You Should Try In 2016

*jazz hands*

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1. Start a Memory Jar. / Via

Put your memories into a jar so at the end of 2016, you can open up the memories and reminisce on your year. You can write down something funny that happened, an achievement, ANYTHING. Huge s/o to my friend Krys for telling me about this amazing idea.

3. Listen to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist. / Via

The Discover Weekly playlists are the equivalent of personal DJs making you PERSONALIZED playlists. And most of the time, it's chock full of some great songs that you can save. It's updated every Monday, so you get a fresh playlist every week.

5. Learn a new dance. / Via

Whether it's the classic swing dance or the Whip and Nae Nae, it's always beneficial to have a new dance move in your arsenal. Then, you can reveal your secret dance moves on the dance floor and every one will be jealous and shocked.

6. Start walking/hiking/biking.

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Try to find time to get outside and do some relaxing forms of exercise. Tell a friend to join you so you can chat with them. Walking is also scientifically proven to significantly reduce stress levels.

8. Start a dream journal. / Via

Every morning RIGHT when you wake up, try to record your dream in a journal. We all have those moments when we wake up from an amazing dream--too bad we can't even remotely remember what it was about. You can try to interpret your dreams and link them to things that are going on in your life.

10. Visit your local animal shelter. / Via

Look up your local animal shelter to visit the animals or to volunteer. The animals are so sweet, and many of them have come from abusive homes. Who knows? Maybe you will end up giving one of them a loving home!

11. Start collecting. / Via

Collecting is actually a very beneficial hobby. It helps your observational and organizational skills, as well as promoting commitment and determination. From coins to stamps--there is an endless field of options.

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